Character's Name: Kira Shiden

Character's Age: Eight (appears five)

Season of Birth: Fall

-*- Happy -*- Naive -*- Curious -*- Playful
-*- Easily melancholy -*- Self conscious

Abilities & Weapons:
-*- Claws and fangs
-*- Youkai strength
-*- Burn resistant
-*- Heightened senses
-*- Fire production/manipulation
-*- Demonic Rage
-when life is threatened & the full moon-


At a young age Kira became an orphan. The youkai Kumo enslaved her mother and bid her to slay her father. After he passed away Kira and her toddler brother Keikaru attempted to survive in the wilderness. Feeding on livestock Kira evoked the wrath of a neighboring village, who in turn hired the taijiya Sango to exterminate her. She instead took the child in as her own after an unsuccessful search for her lost brother. From there Sango and Miroku have raised her in Kaede’s village.

Kira has what youkai call ‘bad blood’. On a certain night of the month her conscience is consumed by demonic rage. Every full moon her foster parents must seal her with an ofuda and lock her within Kaede’s shrine as not to put the village in danger. Kira is very sensitive about the curse and often becomes depressed at the thought of her monstrous nature.
While Sango cares for the ookami deeply she knows that she could not possibly teach Kira how to train her demonic abilities. Therefore she sends Kira off to Koga’s wolf tribe during the summer to train and discover her brethren culture. Here she hopes the girl will be safe from their enemies, who as of late have been hunting Kira for reasons unknown.



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