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IMAGINATION! It's everywhere even if you're... something.


Who... Am I?

I nnocent and

K ind girl who is Dr. Eggman's
U ltimate Life Form She suppose to
R oboticatized all the people of Mobotropolis into
A ndroids. Reckon to be an
I ll- mannered hedgehog

I dentification:
S he

P retty much kicks
R obotnik's ass.
I think of putting her to the destrution of the Anti world with
N egative power of Chaos Emeralds that Robotnik had inserted It's
C alled Project AI KURAI Omega.
E vil Scourge kisses her and Fiona finds out and kicks his ass
S courage has the Chaos Emeralds and uses it to kill
S ally and her family, and sonic and her save the day! and then
disappears after she locked up the portals in the world.

S he's related to Sonic and Sally, 200 years later
W ell... she's a hedgehog and her father, too.
I t's my
F act
T o ya all.

A lexandria Brown is too
C reative for YOU!
O lgilvie Maurice is Sonic the Hegdehog's real name! That will
R uin everything if it was shown on Television! Tah Tah
N ow
Now A new character appeared in my thoughts...

Nicknames: Swifty, SG (Super girl), and Swift
Age: 2 (looks 16 or 17)
Hair/Fur: White
Eyes: Pinky red
Species: Long eared hedgehog
Love Interest: Sonic, Shadow, and Silver (and Tails. hey, she's like 2 years old!)
Likes: Flowers, Singing, Poetry, Freedom, and Friends
Dislikes: Eggman, Boris, Evil, Fighting, and Stealing
Abilities: Super speed, strength, Chaosol form, transformation, and hypontizing (also can fly later on)
Info: A sweet young girl who was created by Dr. Boris Robotnik. She's like Shadow, but is a weapon. Her singing can hypontize people and robots. She has the power of the Chaos and Sol Emeralds.It's too powerful to be unleashed, so Boris trains every single day for 2 years. If she fails, she will be in shock therapy for 30 minutes, a 2 minute break. She escapes with her robotic friend, B-396 KURAI,in a time machine (looks like Sonic the Hedgehog 2006- time machine, but can be controlled like those timer camaras) Mistaken for Amy Rose/Rouge.

Dr. Boris Robotnik
Nicknames: Eggman II
Age: 38
Hair: Black
Skin: White
Eyes: Blue (wears glasses)
Species: Human
Likes: Evil, torture, Desturction, and World Domination
Dislikes: Betrayed robots, Swift's friends, Sonic, and Kindness
Abilities: Same thing as Eggman's
Info: Looks like Dr. Eggman, but he is more evil and abusive. He's the 2 century grandson of Ivo Robotnik.

Nicknames: Kurai, Guardy (Knuckles), Mom (Swift)
Age: Unknown
Body color: Purple, Gold, and Black
Eyes: red
Species: Robot
Info: A kind robot who protects Swift from harm. Created by Dr. Boris Robotnik. Looks like one of Eggman's E series robots, but a female character. Acts like a mother to Swift. She takes Swift to escape in a time machine. Rouge and Shadow mistaken her for OMEGA.


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Blaze The Cat 8P Report | 03/16/2009 12:12 am
Blaze The Cat 8P
XDD Okay then.
TheBamboozler Report | 02/28/2009 2:55 am
kite!!! :O smile biggrin
II Amy_Rose II Report | 02/14/2009 8:35 pm
II Amy_Rose II
idk hmm..*think*
Mandarin Drake Report | 01/29/2009 7:38 pm
Mandarin Drake
yeah i got the pics u made in the PM they are realy good
Mandarin Drake Report | 01/29/2009 7:25 pm
Mandarin Drake
dont worry about it ^^
Mandarin Drake Report | 01/29/2009 7:19 pm
Mandarin Drake
hmm it might be your profile
Mandarin Drake Report | 01/29/2009 7:17 pm
Mandarin Drake
sorry i cant see any of them my comp isnt loading to well
Mandarin Drake Report | 01/29/2009 7:10 pm
Mandarin Drake
Mandarin Drake Report | 01/29/2009 7:06 pm
Mandarin Drake
im sure that it looks realy good just work hard whats important is that you do your best when drawing or editing
Mandarin Drake Report | 01/29/2009 6:48 pm
Mandarin Drake
i made them the pics of sonic X like the one thats said "im surrounded by idiots" and the finitevus and cosmo ones are made by me the same with the sonic heroes and sonic rivals pics i edited them to look like that


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