name is Brian Liu, and i go to Kalani Middle School in Oahu Hawaii, and Gaia online has helped me find friends that i never knew i had. Now i start my second - third year on gaia as a sophmore and gaia has helped change my life in ways i never thought were possible, i made new friends. Now our school is starting a program called H.O.P.E (Help Open Peoples Eyes) and i want you to know a little about it and how you can help.

In northern Uganda, Africa, Civil War rages. But victims are not the men and the women, they are the children. thousands to millions of childrens are left homeless and scared. Some of which are abducted by rebel forces to be brainwashed as soldiers and others are killed for disobedience. In the year 2003, three college students set out to film a documentary about Northern Uganda and how devestating the war was on the children. The documentary was labeled "Invisible Children" for the thousands that go unnoticed every day.

Step one: Go to the following website and Learn about Schools for Schools and WHY ITS SO IMPORTANT



Step two Go to this website http://s4s.invisiblechildren.com/how_you_can_help/sign_up

To sign up, you must create a username and password.

Look for our club name under all the lists of schools, it is listed as PROJECT H.O.P.E HONOLULU.

Step three: Help us spread the word and donate

This website will help you keep track of how much money PROJECT H.O.P.E. has raised and what the money is being used for.

If you can't sign in right after, it is because we will have to accept you first. For any questions about how to sign up email us.


check out there myspace at www.myspace.com/kphope

Evil Thrives When Good Men do Nothing

A knight is sworn to valor his heart knows only virtue. his blade defends the helpless. his might holds up the weak his word speaks only truth his wrath undoes the wicked.
- anonymous

Do not follow where the path may lead. go instead where there is no path and leave a trail
- Muriel Strode

a man once said, "a flowing river is powerful, water itself is powerful they are forever changing". This was argued by a king saying, "BA! how can water be so powerful my rocks are much sturdier and harder." the man replied "but to stay so obnoxious and ignorant in a changing world, even the rock will be washed away..."

ascend to heaven my friends and may the path that we travel be glorious like a days ride into battle. Friends, today is the day we die...but let us die GLORIFIED as HEROES, not as cowards

- Alexander the great
the elephant charge, Africa

The way of the sword is not for those of wish of peace but of those whom wish to prove themselves worthy of the blade...they will fight as true warriors until death by the weapon that they wield.

- Kinohike, Blue dragons guild....

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Me, Me, me...and oh yeah...me....

today i will talk about.................me....

all about me , my life my experiences and all some other load of bs



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I know, right? ;3
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Lol, go pester her some more then. I'm sort of questing at the moment ><
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Meh..That's a waste.

Okay then, but I'm curious as to why you ask me of all people? xD I'm not rich, y' know.
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Yo. I thought you quit forever xD

Anyway, what do you need that much for?

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You materialistic whore.

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theorie de chaos

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theorie de chaos

I remember once you called me a n0ob.

And that was when your profile had a RED theme going on.

I bet you're confused to the max right now.

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i will eat you for breakfast.....lol...

fun w/ the slinky huh?...

hey wheres my ancient katana......all i need is 5,322g.....

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i miss you!! can't wait to get back to Oahu!


"Evil thrives When good Men Do NOTHING"

"when you educate a child, you educate a nation"

Invisible Children