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mochi chi chi Report | 08/21/2018 10:56 pm
lol thought you would've found it annoying instead rofl
mochi chi chi Report | 08/21/2018 10:55 pm
lol thought you would've found it annoying instead rofl
mochi chi chi Report | 08/15/2018 1:17 am
pikachu pika pika chu >w>
mochi chi chi Report | 08/13/2018 4:35 pm
>o> ppl these days, what happened to communication? rolleyes
mochi chi chi Report | 08/10/2018 5:51 pm
I’m getting to the point where I have no idea what noises you’re making xp
mochi chi chi Report | 08/05/2018 3:26 am
mochi chi chi Report | 08/04/2018 1:45 pm
Boo! >0>
mochi chi chi Report | 08/01/2018 3:36 am
Yus friend I kn ur cute too
Random but holy crud someone just jacked up the price of a item from 136b to 899b gonk
Like who would buy that when the average price was 136b
mochi chi chi Report | 07/31/2018 2:51 pm
Looking rad there *thumbs up* cool
Grisly Massacre Report | 07/28/2018 3:31 am
ah okay I hope we can be friends smile

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Hi biggrin
Im Christopher
Im 23 years of age Born - December 27th
Currently living in California - Born in Florida

Here goes nothing;
-My hobbies include: Helping people, building computers, tinkering with gadgets, cooking, games, amateur photography and airsofting.

-My fav colors are Red, blue, green, and yellow

Here goes everything! Hey everyone I am glad you came to view my profile. I've been on gaia forever now since like 03 under various accounts due to banning or just forgetting the account. Gaia has really changed so much through the years and I'm happy to have met so many people here in real life and just online.

Let me start off with a little bit about me. I am quite shy, but I'm also a total know it all and a snob sometimes, I'm pretty prudish so jokes sometimes fly over my head and I might take it too serious. Sometimes I don't make sense when I talk or talk improperly but other times I'm concise and honest. Frankly I come off as an a*****e sometimes. I'm in no way a perfect person or strive to be. I make a mess I'm lazy a NEET, I don't know what to do with myself, I have no motivation and definitely lack emotions from time to time. I have definitely made mistakes in my life that I wish I could change or make better, but I've also learned that If I keep moving maybe things will look up. Hopefully who I am to you who I seem to be to you is the real me and I always want to be a genuine person to anyone and everyone I meet even If I may dislike or like them. If you don't like me that's fine but please don't try and fight with me that's something I don't respect. Anyways I hope you enjoy my company biggrin .

A little in depth about my gaming history, ever since i was about 3 my uncle had me hooked on computer games, I would always be hanging out with him playing windows 95 games like hovercraft and that one puzzle slider game. Those where the days. As time went on I started building my own pc and around 8 I was playing things like diablo and starcraft even everquest. Yet i wasnt always pc my other uncles had n64 ps1, ps2, dreamcast, original xbox; man I was addicted. Going into middle and highschool Xbox 360 was a big part of my life as most the kids I knew had one and I really loved halo on the original xbox and on pc so what better then to play halo on xbox 360 and thats what I did. Played halo cod you name it. Though after the XboxOne came out I came back to my roots, started at pc gaming again (like even more then before) I began to help people build pc's to experience what I have been and here I am not a Pc builder for rent lol.

Thanks for reading my profile and getting to know me, I look forward to meeting whomever it is reading it or if your a friend, I hope you enjoyed my tangent razz Have a good one guys.

If you want to know more ask me, I will gladly tell you about myself.

I use-

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