Hello there Gaia! I am the King of the Octopoda. The Octopoda are Octopuses and the Paper Nautilus if you were wondering. I enjoy long swims through the ocean, fighting with Sharks and Whales as I go. I enjoy eating all manners of sea life. I love the sound of wet tentacles slapping together, and enjoy using my crafty knowledge to get away with evil plans like getting fish out of bottles and putting puzzles together.

I also enjoy slipping into tight places when I find them. As you can see I only have Six tentacles at the time, for I challenged the Princess of Whales and Baron of Sharks, but on the same day! I won of course, but had to distract them both by detaching my legs. Often times I can be found near the ocean floor pretending to be coral or a rock, sometimes even using my copy cat knowledge to resemble a lion fish or even a crab.

I only wish I had a crown of some sort to fit around my head, but alas the squishy membrane just sorta make it so I slip through the crown.




I am the King of Octopoda, I bring peace and love to you as a present. No money. I r teh greedy cephalopod. ILU all though if that counts!