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King Joffrey Baratheon

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Location: King's landing

Birthday: 05/23

Occupation: King


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My name is Joffrey Baratheon, but you are to refer to me as "Your grace" or deal with my Hound. I am the oldest son and heir of my father King Robert Baratheon and my mother Queen Cersei Lannister. And although this is true, I have been hearing disgusting rumors that my father is really my uncle Jaime Lannister, the queen's brother. (I will see to it that this blasphemy does not spread further.) I have a younger sister, Myrcella, (she is pretty) and a younger brother, Tommen. (So fat and worthless...spending his time with cats...I have seen to it that will happen no longer.) I am the perfect king and mother says so too. So why my people whisper behind my back and call me arrogant, cowardly, spoiled, and sadistic...I do not know. Surely it is not because I beheaded Ned Stark, punish others who deserve it, and order b*****d babies to be slaughtered. But I am sure they will tell me before I place their and families head on pikes too.

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Here is My lady Sansa of the traitor house Stark. If it were not for mother insisting I keep her alive and marry her I would have her pretty little head upon a spike beside her father...for all the realm and especially her brother Robert to see. (Hmph, calling himself king...the nerve.)

Sansa often swears her love and loyalty to me, but at times I wonder....all she does is sulk and I can not stand the wailing of women. When her body is ready and when the war has ended I will marry and put a baby in her, until then I will watch her beg on her knees for herself and those she cares for like some commoner...and beat her bloody.

But not her face...I like it pretty.


Lady Sansa is no longer my betrothed, but that will not stop me from entering her chambers, and giving her a Lannister baby while my guards hold her down. Go ahead and scream will only be more exciting for me.

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This is my new betrothed Lady Margaery of house Tyrell. I like her...I suppose...I can not mess with her like Sansa, but she is a great ally of my family. She helps the people see me in a different light...

Lady Margaery confuses me, but I have plenty of time to figure out what to do with her. But it is obvious to all that I still prefer Sansa.


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Mother insists that I keep a journal.

Praise your king.

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Bartomeu Report | 07/10/2016 4:02 pm
King! Oink! yum_puddi
Bartomeu Report | 05/23/2016 1:00 pm
Happy Nameday my king!
Polymath20 Report | 02/13/2016 8:23 pm
OmO Game of Thrones.
Cool avi.
CupOfGenderfluid Report | 01/30/2016 3:03 pm
Probably my favorite Avi on Gaia Online. 10/10. RIP Joffrey.
Time flies in Dragonflies Report | 08/13/2015 3:58 am
Time flies in Dragonflies
cool avi
MakinSammiches Report | 08/12/2015 4:33 am
Sansa smirked a bit when he couldn't respond.
But, that grin quickly faded,"No,you cannot. I've been married off to Ramsay Snow. Not sure if you've ever met him. I think he might actually be just as terrible if not worse than you,your grace. All though,I've been around you Lannisters long enough to know nothing is ever that cut and dry.."
MakinSammiches Report | 08/10/2015 8:33 am
She looked back at him,red hand print now on her cheek,"Thought a King never actually lifts his hand other than to order others around".
Sansa lifted her hand and wiped the blood from her lip,"Why are you so concerned with me anyway?"
MakinSammiches Report | 08/10/2015 8:27 am
Sansa leaned in close with a smug look on her face,"You don't scare me,Joffrey. If I remember clearly,while you ran away, I was almost raped if it had not been for Sandor rescuing me". She recomposed herself,"It is none of your business, I am not your property. That's Margaery's title. Not mine. You threw me aside like I was garbage the moment you saw her..." Sansa ripped her wrist out of his hand and readjusted her dark hair,"Do what you will to me,I have no more family. What do I have to lose.."
MakinSammiches Report | 08/10/2015 8:15 am
She jerked out of his grasp,"If I'm still a maiden is none of your concern,your highness",she said with a bit of an attitude,"shouldn't you be more worried about your new Lady Margaery?"
MakinSammiches Report | 08/10/2015 7:57 am
Sansa flinched away from Joffrey,"You also preferred my face bloody and bruised.."


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