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Nightmare End on 01/12/2018

왕자 녹티스 개름- Noku

ShyTough Sleepy

User ImageHello there, My name is Noctis Lucis Caelum. Just call me Noct for short. I am Prince of Caelum family ,the last heir to a dynasty ruling over the last kingdom to control crystals. In other day, i can see ''the light'' clearly but pretend to not seeing them myself, it might be i am gifted by ''the light'' or whatever it is that called the Goddess Etro<-Luna). However I'll protect my kingdom as and especially a crystal. If you ruin my kingdom and then I'll kill you with my own hands doesn't matter what. Don't even take them down, you fools.

R.I.P everyone!!! /lol

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Note:I don't go on this site anymore.
Don't steal any of my s**t, be original.
#Game of Serendine
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I do not accept friend requests.

Call me Noku-senpai.
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I met Nomura in person. #101114
I attended to UNCOVERED FFXV event. #033016
I love draw and video games.

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...I guess thats all.
King Caelum