His Majesty The King, Boldasar IX, is king of the mythical ROHAN dynasty of Tyrol. His reign has spanned nearly three decades. He is the son of King Theobold IV and the grandson of King Boldemar VI. Through His mother Queen Bragmar He is also Grand Duke of Lyon.

The King resides at Royal Lodge. His wife Queen Brigitta has retired from court and resides in the "cottage" of Vivillon Court. As a result of this unusual arrangement, The King's daughter, Princess Brigitte, often acts as hostess in her mother's stead. The King's four children all reside at Deerling Manor.

In due course, it is expected that His Majesty will be succeeded by His son and heir: Crown Prince Boldemar.

His Majesty The King

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Royal Lodge
Deerling Manor
Sawsbuck Cottage

Official Residence