Kimperly for real

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The name's Kimperly. That's Ms. Kimperton to you. I'm a 21 year old stoner dyke who is obsessed with roller derby.

If you like Tegan and Sara, I already love you.

I am an adventurer. Let's go exploring you guys.

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I like indie anything, most rock, some hip-hop and country, and nearly anything electronic if you slap some female vocals or crazy beats on it. Shania Twain will always make me smile. Always.

I read like a motherf*cker, but I probably have forgotten most of what I've read. My favorite book is Fingersmith, by Sarah Waters. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy could very well be my bible. I mean, if I were any sort of religious at all. Hunter S. Thompson's reads are always entertaining.

I used to be intense video game nerd, but in my old age I've settled down a bit. (Ok I lied, it's cuz I'm broke.) I quite often feel compelled to replay any and all metroid games though. Let's face it, gaming doesn't get better than that.

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I was born and raised in the middle of f*cking nowhere Nebraska. I love it if only for the nostalgia. Omaha is pretty much the only good thing about the entire state, though. My real home will always be Los Angeles, and I miss SoCal dearly.

In fact, all y'all other states can go f*ck yourselves. Nebraska and California are the sh*t, and their love baby would be my dream state.

Also, here's a more recent picture for that cutie-pie Roman! I'm sure he'll see it soon enough; he sure does visit my profile frequently!

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Enjoy sweetie! <3