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Unable to identify Vimeo video URL.


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Dustiee Report | 08/11/2014 4:04 pm
(Sorry for not responding sooner, I could have sworn that I did!) sweatdrop

It's certainly planning on it, I told my mom that if there were signs of Ripley's (my dog) health going down hill that she needed to call me so that I could come home. I remember when my golden retriever passed, I think towards the very end she was ready to go (she was 22 years old and had dislocated her leg, there was no fixing it because of her brittle bones and arthritis). But, she seemed to be at peace with the entire family gathered around her, petting her.

Haha, that's awesome. heart My bf promised to take me to Denmark as long as we get to go to Germany too while we're over in Europe. xd I think we're a long ways off from actually being able to go, but it's fun to sit and try to plan what all we'd want to go if we ever get to go.

Oh wow, that's awesome. whee I'll get it this weekend then, once my bf gets back from Cuba. biggrin

Oh yeah, and if you're taking commissions, I'm buying art here. heart Just let me know who you'd want to draw and what type of payment you'd like.
Dustiee Report | 07/31/2014 5:37 am
Haha! Cool! biggrin

I will, she's a good dog, decently trained, and I love her. (We've had her since I was like 7...) Though, the worry is whether or not she'll actually make it another 2 years. She's losing her teeth, her fur is falling out, she's shaky all the time, and she seems like she might have an ear problem... But our vet says she's just getting old, and there isn't really anything that can be done. If we got her when I was 7 (and we may have gotten her before then), that means she's at least 14 now.

Oh, awesome! biggrin Congratz! I hope it's tons of fun. whee heart

Huh, okay. 3nodding I might have to give it a try and I might get my bf to try it too if it works over internet/3G/4G/Whatever G. xd My bf has terrible cell reception at his house, but he does have internet.
Dustiee Report | 05/12/2014 7:52 pm
That's true! And I'm done with school for the summer! (Well, mostly... I'm studying to take the GRE).

That's really not a bad price to pay for two aquariums! biggrin And yeah, I think maybe when I'm in grad school I'll be able to have a pet. XD My mom jokes that if one of our three dogs (named Ripley, she's a jack-russel terrier mix) isn't gone by the time I graduate that she might have to send the dog with me (since she seriously misses me when I'm gone and gets super excited when I'm home).

That's really awesome! biggrin We're happy around my campus when news gets down the mountain about us. XD If we make the news paper more towards the middle of NC everyone gets all excited. XD And I agree completely! I was so proud of my epee bruises and saber slap marks. XD (I still have a welt from getting smacked by a saber on my ribs actually).

It was! We did have a written test on fencing rules and such but the fitness test actually physically tested how fit we were (we measured BMI/body-fat ratios, did crunches, push-ups, laps around the gym, and a flexibility test).

I've met people like that as well. XD I have to say that as obnoxious as they are, I'm thankful for them. XD They give me a good chance to practice my patience and they remind me that no one is perfect. XD (Even if I'd like to high five them......... In the face with a chair). wink I actually haven't ever heard of Kik the app to txt, what is it?
Dustiee Report | 04/18/2014 7:03 am
You're welcome! biggrin I've been trying to help out my friends since gaia's market went haywire....

Oh, nice! biggrin I'll be all done with Gen Ed after next semester! I'm pretty happy (although, I'll miss fencing).

That's awesome. :3 Fresh water plants are still pretty cool too. biggrin I kinda miss having fish and an aquarium set up (I probably won't have the money for one for a while though, and an aquarium might come after I get rats or a dog...). XD

Nice! biggrin I doubt we have any coaches on campus that were Olympic coaches or athletes. XD We're a smaller school without the money. That's really cool though. :3
I think our field hockey team is only women's (I don't think there's a men's team anyways).
I've been loving fencing lately. XD I usually come out of class sore and bruised, but that's how i know it's been a good day. XD I just have to work on my reaction time. We've been doing epee fencing lately, I think we get to learn how to fence with sabers next week. heart

That's awesome. biggrin There are a lot of trails around town here (and I'm not too far from the Blue Ridge Parkway, which also has a lot of great trails).

After 2pm today I get to go home for 4 days and relax. XD (and then I get to come back Tuesday evening and undergo a fitness test Wednesday morning). XD
Dustiee Report | 03/09/2014 9:13 am
That sounds kinda like how my sustainable development course went last semester! XD But yeah, the film teacher wanted us to do 50-80 pages of textbook reading per week and we had to be prepared to take a quiz on the minute details of the text on Tuesday. She never gave notes. She also made us do a film journal each week, we had to go to the campus theater, watch an older film, and write a journal using all of the terms that we never took notes on. It was a bit too much for me. We got screamed at because no one in the class made more than a 50 on the first 5 reading quizzes, she blamed us (most teachers would be concerned)...

Currently I'm finishing up my gen ed courses, so I'm taking "Global Change in the Biosphere" (Geography course), "Sophomore Writing within the Major" (English), "Fencing" (PE), "Town, City, and Regional Planning" (Planning course, but required for Geography majors), and "Basic Math" (obviously a Math course). I am officially declared as a geography major though. :3 Intro to Film is the only general education class I have left to take next semester. XD I'm planning on getting a BS in General Geography and then getting my Masters (at the very least) in Climatology or Meteorology. I'm not 100% decided on that bit yet. :3

That sounds very cool! biggrin And congratz on the clients. Hopefully the fish tank business picks up soon. We used to have a few saltwater aquariums at home as well as a few freshwater ones. I don't remember all the types of fish we had though. But, my mom liked shopping for cool plants to put in the aquariums. :3

XD I was surprised that we had it to be honest. There are some interesting PE classes at my college though. Water Polo was also on the list. XD Very true, there are some nice trails on my campus too, we have a small nature reserve that they've dedicated to preserving, it's always nice to walkthrough. Oh, nice! X3 I wish I was better at playing tennis. XD Weight lifting is good too! I might start doing a bit of lifting to get my arm strength back. I have to gauge how much work fencing is going to be though (it's only a half of the semester course, so I haven't actually started it yet).
Dustiee Report | 03/08/2014 8:23 pm
*laughs* Well, it's still an awesome avatar. :3
Life as been good lately, classes this semester have been going well (I had one awful class.... An Intro to Film course with a crazy teacher), but I dropped it and I'm taking fencing instead. :3 I'm also trying to get back into shape (since I quit marching band I've taken up walking/hiking).
How are things on your end? biggrin
Dustiee Report | 01/03/2014 11:23 am
Hey there! This is Kaori Nori. I changed my username. :3
Dustiee Report | 09/16/2013 7:10 pm
It really can be. I live by my mom's advice when I drive. XD If you get tired, pull over and get a drink, stretch, or take a nap.

Lately I've been around more inspiring scenery so I've been taking lots of pictures and drawing less. XD I have a lot more to upload. I do need to get more of my drawings up though. It just seems like I have less and less time to actually draw. Why thank you! Your drawings always look magnificent! I'm sorry, I know how that feels though. :c Silly classes steal away all the time for drawing.
Dustiee Report | 08/04/2013 9:07 pm
Yep, I understand that. I'm debating on whether or not it's going to be worth it next year for me to go in and get my license flipped sideways (what used to be the normal way). XD It's expensive! And I won't be due to get my license renewed for another year or two.

Oh my that sounds awful. XD I was traumatized as a kid with stories about people who fell asleep behind the wheel, drove recklessly, ect... My mom was a paramedic. XD

Cool! X3 I added you too. I really need to update my DevArt. XD
Dustiee Report | 07/25/2013 4:41 pm
XD I do, but I get to learn things like how to look at a site plan and spot things that aren't right with site plans/projects. And I get to go on code enforcement trips (we drive through neighborhoods and document people that are in violation of the county's code). It's actually pretty interesting. XD As much as they joke about "oh, don't become a planner" it seems like an interesting job.
Good luck on your test!
I don't mind driving stick, I'm the kind of driver that needs to be engaged when I drive or I start to get sleepy (and have to make lots of pit stops to wake myself up), so it's a good match for me. XD My bf has a stick shift too, it scares me sometimes, but usually only because I feel like he's going faster than he is. He's a pretty smooth driver though. Probably the next best thing to an automatic car. XD

Oh! I actually have a DeviantArt account, though I need to upload more to it. Here's my account.

XD That's awesome. X3 I feel like I need a nap. XD I've been playing with the planners all day.
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