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Location: Neon Salem

Occupation: Magical Girl from Space

*✲゚*。✧She has no style*✲゚*。✧


Misfortuned Checkmate on 06/18/2019
spaghettigoth on 06/13/2019

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Kimmie / Crystal King / KS
✧ 21 - March 19th
✧ INFP-A ✧
✧ Turkey and American Lunchables pack ✧
★🔮100% ☾ertified Witch ☪★

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Hi I'm Kimmie. I'm 5'2 and closer to hell.

I like Grunge and Rock music, vidjagames, and sparkly things.
Obsessed with space, hopes to be a space person someday.




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User ImageAyy, buy my s**t so I can have a monie for g00d s**t 👀 👀User Image

User Image gold/plat s nice, but I L O V E wishlist items in exchange for stuff im selling, so hit me up
I can also negotiate for a lower price too! Dont be shy!!
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