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Herro, My name is Steven biggrin [/size:eafc85a4ac]


ADTR Downfall of us all

Bleach ichigo vs vizards

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It's from death note!

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Chinese Freestyle Rap by CKY

Chinese Freestyle Rap by CKY LYRICS

Who wants to taste my general want to taste my general tso
I'm-a give it to you now
Who like my chopstick
hit you when I s**t with my little-a** d**k. Yellow
If you wanna see me eat Jell-O
I never seen nothin' like you before
I can kick you higher than you can kick me
I can kick you way up into a tree
Who wants a taste of my oo-long tea? Ho ha ho ha ho chi chi
Everybody in the phone book name Chang wanna see my wang?
Neva Good God hit the gong with a bang. WAAA?
Everybody wanna see me throw a fireball but that's not right not in real life
You will fall down and break a leg
Everybody wanna see me break a leg? Well I don't
but I like fried rice and I got lice
Ching chow woah ching wang woo wice
that ain't nice Four for the cookie I only touch it twice
Delivery is free but not from me I only swallow dolla fifty
fifty five. wanna see me GO GAA? Hit you with the lang. HAI YA!
War when I hit you with the s**t do a split
Take a s**t have to go eat my s**t kung-fu
Want my buffet? You ******** gay, ah
Wai-lo hit you with the hay Stay the ******** away
Hit you in the balls. Only Americans eat duck sauce
And my soy sauce is for you, I can put it in your shoe
Watch this- I can tiptoe while you take a pee
In my bathroom spy on you while your little boy s***s
I can kick you if you don't pay the bill
And if you want a little mint, that's fifty cent, b***h
Everything cost a little bit
So don't expect nothin for free, at least from me Ching Chang Chewie
I got you from Taiwan city and Hong Kong
I just smoked a bong and I can do it all night long
And don't mistake me for a Viet Cong
I can get you and tackle you take you never see me
When I get you and make you
Rope you up and put you in a bamboo cage and make you feel all my rage
Poke you with a little stick till you page your buddies to come napalm me
God damn that s**t burned blew away my whole city
Ho Chi Minh Shoot a load on your chin
God da** thats a sad goygo goodbye
And if you wanna come on in
You can work in to my world where the yellow s**t begins HAI YA
Can't be tamed
I got s**t to control your brain and it's called
Egg Foo Yung, En Lo Main
So come on in baby and have it just the same HAI YA! HAAAAAH!
No wok tow ung di day
HA, I don't suppose ha haha Huh?
huhhhuhu huh


My Name is steven. I am asian. There is nothing else for you to know biggrin

Devil May Cry Nero Vs Dante!


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What do u wanna say 2 mwa

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killerkiller4356 Report | 11/24/2010 11:06 pm
bstnegls Report | 06/17/2009 7:43 pm
long ago when it was on adult swim i liked it but i was too young to reaaly follow it, its been something i've wanted to watch but i haven't remembered till just now
killerkiller4356 Report | 06/13/2009 6:24 pm
thanks 4 wat?
Blackrose_VAL3NTINE Report | 06/13/2009 6:23 pm
Yo, thanks!
Jackie Jurassic Report | 06/13/2009 6:23 pm
Jackie Jurassic
Oh haha. I'll have too
listen to it sometime
I can't right nao ._.
Jackie Jurassic Report | 06/13/2009 6:14 pm
Jackie Jurassic
Haha thats rad(:
I don't think i've heard A Day To Remember though D:
killerkiller4356 Report | 06/09/2009 2:53 pm
Quote to make the taker: ok? weird...
make the taker Report | 06/09/2009 2:00 pm
make the taker
its 4 me 2 no n u 2 find out
killerkiller4356 Report | 06/08/2009 3:33 pm
Change ur settings to classic instead of current ok so it'll work XD!
killerkiller4356 Report | 06/08/2009 3:04 pm
click link if you want cursor for gaia
Thats Triicky



I'm not deathy anymore kids. I'm some barrowuknown something crap.

I'm da KING of dis profile

U g0TTa blame it on Ichigo

Enjoy the song

I got my dream things at

I maay keel u wit my gun....

My fav3 battle in KH2