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touch this and it'll explode

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6 months
Such a short time, such a long time


O: Me!


gonk Cast a spell! Make me disappear!
emo Petal is lethal with a newspaper.


*Expecto Patronum!!*

that will help! ninja

Renie Winters
should i be really worried *looks around*

*pets* don't worry Petal only drinks blood on Wednesdays

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Thank you edgemaster.

Thank you;

zOMGPankaketime for giving me a white drome egg
Fallen Gothic Angel Azula and Ms- Hawt Stuff for giving me bugs and inks
Anon (aisling) for giving me a classilke
Zeraphine for giving me a Orindae!
XxIzzabella RosexX for Embryonic Vial
Tsuki for Tama's Basket
fallen for the coocoon
Rain for the wingding (sorry if these are the wrong wway around guys- yay christmas yay)
Tsukita-chan for selling me Anima Adamantea cheaply.
Fallen Gothic Angel Azula I love you so so much for the Kottan Bell.
Flusen for DandiiDooDad Spore *squeal* Thank you!
"Anon" for Dionaesil love you.
Tsuki for Holy $#17 *snuggle*
Champ for Pora Ice
Tsuki 2 for Pantheracorax Agate
Tsuki for bad moon.
Tsuki 2 for 50k.
Tsuki 2 for noel's gift
Tsuki 2 for timmy the early birthday present.
Jasmin for my tomb thingy (will look up the name)
Sheldon for my socks for my birthday (I love them, socks ARE the best birthday present)
Don for my new dander for my birthday!
Mud for the jinxi! *squeal*
Daggers for timmy and the pocket watch!
Tsuki for dance of sugar thingy!
Champ for Fausto bottle.
A great haul for my birthday (the last 8 entries) thank you all so much.
Tsuki for being silly.
Tsuki 2 for the cape.
KeokiBunny for the Masquerade
Tsuki 2 for the chicken thingies.
Tsuki for the reunion.
Tsuki 2 for the enchanted book. Thank you both.
xX_Angelic--Vortex_Xx for diapered egg
Champ for Lyndexer's Journal and dark halo. You shouldn't have
Tsuki 2 for the wombat
Tsuki 2 for the swan thingy, STOP GIVING ME THINGS! You're far too nice
rayne for september 08 letter
Flusen for lending me 400k I love you.
Tsuki 2 for bullying me getting me a spidy thing. <3
Gemini the Phoenix for Biancamella AND Yama no Tamago. You're FAR too generous and wonderful.
Tsuki 2 for Head of Night
Tsuki for Rapunzel's Braided Hair
Pusseh puncher for attempting to give me 10k Thanks doll.
xX.PopTart.Xx for 5k
Tsuki 2 for selling me the compass.
Rayne for giving me 150k! D:
Angel for 100k. I lubs you!
Rayne for another 50k <3
tsuki 2 for 20k
Champ for 100k D:
tsuki for 100k D:
Angel for serpentine :'(
Sol for THIS!
Jasmin for my owl. Sorry for offending you.
Scarbi for the buttons
Unique reject for bugs, tickets and tokens
TranxChocobo for bugs, tickets and moneys <3
Tsuki 2 for checkmate
Darkmane for 100k. Thank you so much
Tsuki for The Viceroy D: D: D:!
Rayne for spring nymph *punch for doing it*
Starlight for 17k D:
Tsuki 2 for selling me lightning lash for 10k under lmp <3
azuredreams for giving me pist7052hg8ya
Tsuki for Spartan Queen I love you.
Anon for a purple eyeball :3
Star for lots of inks and bugs <3 <3 <3
The Kinky Cracker for the blue ribboned cat hoodie <3
The Kinky Cracker for kiki mascot suit!
Star for giving me 50k <3 <3 <3
The kinky cracker for FELINES - Monkutan
Yona for Frostee Treets Vanilla Softee because it's good for tonsillitis <3 <3 So sweet!
Chachiix for 16k <3 <3 <3
Rayne for benny <3
Hayao Kurosaki for 30k <3 <3 <3
tsuki2 for yellow body dye <3
Arrowlake Riddler for 100k o.o I lubs you. Lots.
Shes a GlitteryAlien for bugs and tokens <3
Rayne for two angelic laces, Sasha's Blue Hibiscus, lavender heart string and sparkles!
Anon for a flower bouquet
Nomi for Queen Alexandra Butterfly you UTTER sweetheart <3 <3 <3
Tsuki2 for 500k
Fallen for 10k <3 <3
Nomi for Starcrossed Lovers' Tragedy D: <3
Anon for Accessoires de Cirque <3
Empress_Niki for silver laurels! <3 <3 <3
Jasmin for gilroy, cukoo, captain whiskers and the cute little goat <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 You are wonderful
sweetally4 for bugs and a huggle <3
Angel for 200k! D: <3
Tsuki2 for a moth <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Tsuki2 for Yurei Child You didn't have to!
Jasmin for Untoten Gegner, Love Hurts, Aquarium Mini Monsters Katsumi's Kokeshi Doll and Song of the Nightingale you are too good to me.
daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax for Owlpocalypse D: <3 <3
Jr-Det Juliet O Hara for bugs <3

Silver Zero Rain- Western Zodiac
Hirome-Chan-Ancient Defender
Tsukita-chan-White Monster
Chisai Doll-The Sphinx
Fallen Azula-Demonbow
Nomileaf-Field Creeper
Razorblade Bandit-Music Notes Kimono Dress
Nomileaf-Anima Adamantea
Puritan Witch Hunter-Gothic Veil
Razorblade Bandit-Field Creeper
Belthizor-Santa Cow Plushie
daggers4zidane-Chain Of Command
fluorescein-Transforming Oil
Scarbi-Thank You Letter for December 2010
Secret Santa-Unreadable Books, Sheryl Orange, Arbiter of Pain
Yona_Babe-Little Black Bat
Symbolon-Lumiere Noire
Llia-Champagne Glass
Smittysbride- bugs
Anon- gogh reed! <3 <3 <3
Anon- rock puppy! <3

Thank you nomi for Necronomicon and Zippy
Thank you tsu for String Ensemble
Tsuki for herd you like diedrich and mint king of cupcakes <3 And fool's fortune and the imp D: Stop giving me things!
Thank you Arcella for Raging Night Jewel
Thank you tsuki for The Widow O: <3
Thank you tangerine for Belted Top <3
Thank you edo-kitty for bugs and tickets and huggles!
Thank you tsuki for the chocolatey page contests money
Thank you scarbi for Le Carousel
WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH Thank you Fayalite for 1 mill heart heart heart heart heart

Christmas thank yous for;

Le scot- Ode to the Studio Killer, Shadowed Dancing Princesses, and Maleficent Seven

Scarbi- Lovely Genie Double Gold Earrings, Sweetheart Gold Pendant, Blade's Black Belt, Gold Kiseru, Young Mrs. Claus' Gloves, Deer Hoof Shoes, Young Mrs. Claus' Garter, Young Mrs. Claus' Flared Skirt, Young Mrs. Claus' Bustier, Reindeer Antlers, and superprize 2011

Pandarayy- Benny the Puppy

Sheldon-Fai Coat

Nomi- Vulturine Gentleman

Mia- Princess Bird

Anon- Wolfgang Duck

Tsu- Fancy Man's Fez

Tsukira-chan- Magical Girl and Master's Pet's Pendant
<33 Love you all <3

Thank you tsuki2 for animated monarch wings! Being pretty!
Thank you daggy for a belted top! <3<3

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Guin - Aoiichi Report | 08/31/2015 9:13 am
Guin - Aoiichi
Hey ! Haven't seen you in a long , long time . I don't even know if you will read this . I hope you are doing well.

I saw this on imgur . And it lead me to this article Artcle about the LHC finding new particle activities. Which made me think of you .

So here i am reminscing and thinking about how science brings people together.

If you read this i hope you enjoy it. Take cares . 3nodding
Akkiarn Revan Kieran Report | 05/15/2014 1:14 pm
Akkiarn Revan Kieran
cool avi
Guin - Aoiichi Report | 01/19/2013 12:43 pm
Guin - Aoiichi
Well if i remember correctly thats when my gibill expires. Thats the main reason.
Guin - Aoiichi Report | 01/19/2013 12:34 pm
Guin - Aoiichi
Hopefully by 2017 or 2016 defintely before 2022. sweatdrop
Guin - Aoiichi Report | 01/18/2013 11:09 am
Guin - Aoiichi
Honestly, I want to go to Japan and learn Japanese. I just can't do that here. If i want to be fluent i have to be where i can practice daily. Once i can speak and understand it , I will be able to do whatever i want. It's one of the goals that i want to achieve.
Guin - Aoiichi Report | 01/18/2013 10:55 am
Guin - Aoiichi
Hey Welcome back!! And Congratulations on Graduating !! And getting a job !
Im sorry to hear about your Dad.

BTW, What did you Major in?
Me, i also got a job. ( Finally. ) Been working there for about two months. Im now a baker. I like it. I work in the early am . Now im trying to save up money so i can move out of tx and go to school somewhere else. Spent new years working. But it was still good.
Guin - Aoiichi Report | 12/08/2012 8:19 am
Guin - Aoiichi
Hey , how you been? How's Uni?
Kreiystahl Report | 10/26/2012 10:47 pm
Kreiystahl Report | 08/27/2012 11:45 pm
Yona_Babe Report | 06/02/2012 6:44 am
Thanks.^^ I have to move out of the house, I was sharing with my best friend. Plus I don't have a drivers license and no car and without it's pretty impossible to get a job where I live. So I want to move to Cologne, where the busse sand trains run every 5 minutes and stuff and not like at my place twice a day. XD

What is an interview in that case?