Hello everyone. (:

My name is Caitlin, and I am an eighteen year old freshman at the University of Washington - Bothell

There are a couple things you might wanna know about me before you click that "Add As Friend" button thing.

1: I ******** love music. It's my everything. I'm not going to lie.

2: Video games are my best friends. Dead Space, Portal, and TF2.

3: I play guitar, and dabble in drums and bass.

4: I am going to be an oncologist. AKA: Cancer Doctor.

5: I am in a fantastic relationship with John Worswick, as of July 31st, 2010. No, he does not have a Gaia, so don't add him.

6: Best friends rule my life. That's all you need to know.

7: I have Benign Fasiculation Syndrome. It pretty much means I have random seizures that aren't seizures at all. It also makes me super clumsy.

8: I'm pretty handy with computers, and code. BBC and CSS all the way babyy!

Anywho, if you're fine with all of this, feel free to add me. I only bite Germans. Just kidding. I wouldn't want to go around biting myself. ;]


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Caitlin's Way of Thinking

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Possibly, the hardest decision of life will be making the choice of letting go of the old me, and trying to bring in the new me.



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Ataru Menchi

Report | 04/05/2013 2:27 am

Ataru Menchi

barely active anymore
but I log in to keep appearances
however, our local anime convention has got some swag from gaiaonline to give away to our guests

Report | 11/22/2009 12:59 pm


So in the end your grades went okay eh?
Right now i'm doing this project and i'm about to lose it if i have to do anymore ha.
Gyms way to competetive here, it's scary.

Report | 11/22/2009 12:13 pm


Yupp Yupp ^ ^
School's okay but still lots of homework
In gym i always get smacked by the soccor ball, but luckily it's over.
Hows school fer you?

Report | 11/22/2009 11:45 am


That sounds fun :] I wish i could join in haha
Your his personal tutor for guitar, oooh that's cool hehe ^ ^
Congrats on making the worship team.


Report | 11/19/2009 4:48 pm


Pretty good.
Except i keep getting hit with the ball in soccor in gym.
People are way to competitive sheesh.
How's yours?

Report | 11/17/2009 5:26 pm


Well that's normal, i hope you feel better soon about the relationship thing.
U can talk to me if u want.
And no problem :]

Report | 11/16/2009 4:56 pm


Ahh still sad about the relationship thing?
Well as they say, you may be healed but there still lays a scar. something like that XD
Wells it's better..i think.

Report | 11/15/2009 8:45 pm


Well schools been very stressing with all the school work and all.
Besides that i've been good.
How're you?

Report | 10/19/2009 1:45 pm


Ahah lucky :]
that sounds awesome.
you must really love it dontcha?

Report | 10/18/2009 3:54 pm


Ahah i know isn't it?
Yes i do go to church but so far i haven't joined any youth groups.


[b:355f60762a]Hey, you.[/color:355f60762a]
Guess what?[/color:355f60762a]
I think that possibly...[/color:355f60762a]
I'm falling for you...[/color:355f60762a][/size:355f60762a][/align:355f60762a][/b:355f60762a]