Real name _ Melina
Age _ 20
Country _ Canada
Activities _ Wrestling, drawing, reading, writing, roleplaying! Loving life!
Favorite color _ Green, purple
Favorite food _ Ice cream
Favorite movie _ Knocked up, Pride and Prejudice, I am Legend
Favorite actor _ Jhonny Depp
Loves _ Trying new things. Friends.
Hates _ Throwing up.


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Shiro Taicho

Report | 05/11/2008 1:56 pm

Shiro Taicho

Hey hey hey!~ :3

Report | 03/11/2008 1:33 pm


You don't know animgirl1992 then. She doesn't like to "fight back", it's just the way she is.

But please, give me the reason your godforsaken "friend" went on her profile and told her she was ugly for no ******** reason.

We have a reason to gang up on that whore, and

until you give me a reason we SHOULDN'T, leave me alone.

Report | 03/10/2008 3:58 pm


I'd say it concerns me. You'r ganging up on my friend, and you act like child. Couldn't your friend fight back on her own? I mean, push, but push equally.

Report | 03/10/2008 2:56 pm


This fight really doesn't concern you.

******** off.
Oblivion and Oathkeeper

Report | 01/22/2008 1:59 pm

Oblivion and Oathkeeper

Hey!! :3

Yeah, I havn't talked to you in forever - I've just been pretty busy. -_-

How have you been?

And yes - I think we should roleplay again sometime soon. :3 I'd love to get another one started with you!

Report | 01/20/2008 4:35 pm


And I'm a Llama-Monkey cross-breed!

Naw, I kid lol. My profile was being ebil and hiding =P. Hows you?
Oblivion and Oathkeeper

Report | 01/17/2008 2:11 pm

Oblivion and Oathkeeper

Hey. :3

Report | 11/22/2007 10:21 am


MeowMan. Jesus christ. xD

Ta un probleme de dédoublement de la personnalité!!!! O.O

T un lama vert en chaleur, ca dégouline par terre!!!
inHale mEh

Report | 11/20/2007 1:42 pm

inHale mEh

I say that I'm more a cat than you!
yes nikki

Report | 11/11/2007 5:42 pm

yes nikki

haha. sorryyu~<3

you were pretty dangged close though. :]