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amberophobia Report | 07/01/2009 11:07 am
thank you soooo much!!
Man, do i love nice people biggrin
lI N0NS3NSE Il Report | 06/04/2009 2:09 pm
Nice Avi ^^
Farcical Zazi Report | 05/23/2009 7:27 pm
Farcical Zazi
Hobo Kitt3h of the sea sees those pictures of you. Hobo Kitt3h of the sea knows where you live.

Hobo Kitt3h of the sea demands you come to her party or Hobo Kitt3h will have to pimp you out.

Hobo Kitt3h also demands you talk to her more, or again it will lead to Hobo Kitt3h having to pimp you out.

Just remember: There is no cake. It is but a lie.
l PixieStyx l Report | 05/12/2009 8:23 am
l PixieStyx l
Oh my gosh : 333
Thank you so much!! <33
Pietrain Report | 04/21/2009 9:40 pm
sure no problem and thanks ^_^
Lice Cakes Report | 04/09/2009 7:53 am
Lice Cakes
Thanks so much!
Your the best!
SinX f33l Report | 03/30/2009 7:47 am
SinX f33l
thx for buying
one_side_makes_you Report | 03/27/2009 12:49 pm
^.^ comment ^.^
Fi-fi is GONE Report | 03/26/2009 11:06 pm
Fi-fi is GONE
Thank you for shopping!
fallen_lilith Report | 02/23/2009 7:41 pm
thank you for the buy User Image


User Image

I figured since this is the about me section, I'd rather just put info about me.

I'm a HUGE Narutard, I'm a gamer but I'm not to good at it, and I love roleplaying. I don't have mush experience rping on chat boards, but I'm not a newbie at it either I've been one-on-one roleplaying for more than ten years. ^___^ But I am a newbie cosplayer, I went to my first con last year. My newest game obsession is Left 4 Dead, which cured me of my fear of zombies and horror games! (except for Silent hill) I bought the game for the pc, but I don't have the right graphics card though. D: I should be getting it around April hopefully. My steam account name is Ŗëćçầ add me if play Left 4 Dead. <3

Real name: Recca Ann B.
Age: 18
Birthday: April 13th
Height: 5'2 I think
Weight: You wish. >__>
Hair: long brown with a little gold in it. :3
Eyes: blue
occupation: A bagger for Giant
Ok now where going to get into the faves, likes and dislikes!

Favoerite colors: light pink and baby blue
Favorite food: ALL food is good <3
Favorite sport: Hockey
Favorite Avatar I made: (look down at the dream avi section)
Favorite manga: Naruto and Loveless
Favorite Anime: Naruto, Fullmetal alchemist, Sailor moon, Azu mange dioh, Jungle Emperor Leo, Ginga Detsu Weed, Ghost in a shell, One piece, Chobits, and Card Captor Sakura ~
Favorite games: Left 4 Dead, Naruto ultimate ninja 1,2, and 3, Havest moon: a wonderful life, Starfox adventures, Pokemon Diamond, Soul Cailbur 3, Mario Galaxy, The sims 2, Zomg, Final fantasy tactics Advance, Kingdom hearts 2, Sonic adventure 2 battle, and Sonic Unleashed <3

User Image

Nice people
my girlfriend
good cosplays
other Narutards
online gaming
anything peach or peach flavored
cool anime fans (that act cailm and disscuss characters, hypothesis the ending likes/dislikes, and doesn't overly get excited)
good fanart
other lesbians
funny guys
shepard's pie
Silent hill games
fluffy things
Alfredo sauce
Sobe life water (fuji apple pear)

Cocky artist
any anime/show/book where the main girl is loved by EVERY guy in it! D:<
spicy food
really overly hyper anime fangirls X___X
homophobic people
people who cruse all the time
horny boys
orange flavoring
being ignored during group rps
stink bugs
my boobs
driving games
extremely dirty rooms

Scared of: (and working on facing them)
Nuclear bombz
creepy boys
angry women
the dark

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User Image
Me wearing Jay's sexy hat!

User Image
At the mall showing off my new heelz <3

User Image
Kiki Von Heart and Jay Jay Von Starr

Dream Avi


Kiki Von Heart and Jay Jay Von Starr
The Von Couple
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User Image

Willing to do avi art!



I Hate Media

Farcical Zazi