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The saga continues!

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<3 Paroxysm

Hello! >:3

I am a psychotic paroxysm of chocolate.
I am an annoying person.
I am cynical sometimes.
........................................................................................................................................Not me!! ------->
I am a good listener.
I am l337 illiterate.

I like sweets but not cake. (with the exception of cheesecake!)
I love Bubble tea. (Although it really isn't tea!)
I have an obsession for stationary. (Korean, japanese, etc.)
I adore literates... <3 (But I'll love you anyways if you're a semi-literate?)
I like the little details.
I love art. <3

I dislike n00bs. Highly. Not newbs. N00bs. There's a difference.
I hate Hackers, Cheaters, and Beggars.
I really don't like sickening PMs by loser hacks with no life. Don't waste my time with shitty PMs claiming to be a mod or an admin. Don't feed me crap lies just to get my password.

I also dislike narrow-minded, one-way perspective people. Don't like an idea or something?
Get over it.

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Kyoshi Karna Report | 10/23/2007 9:51 am
Kyoshi Karna
your vids no longer work xO
Tranzer Report | 07/19/2007 9:54 pm
AWWW ^__^ i Love your vids Anko they made me smile the whole way through xD
Sian Report | 07/13/2007 9:14 am
Bwing~! <3333

*Rape* =)
BloodSucker313 Report | 07/07/2007 11:20 pm
hehe hello,luv. i just dropped by to say thank you SO MUCH for talking to me even when i was having stupid boy drama and all ^,,^ ur always there for me and i really appreciate it....luv yah..bye..User Image
b o s s K a g o m e Report | 06/15/2007 6:18 pm
b o s s K a g o m e
Sank yoo Anko!

Your videos are tres mignon! (very cute in french ^^)

User Image
BloodSucker313 Report | 06/15/2007 4:04 pm
HAHAHA "those are my lines!"

"those are his lines!"

PABLO FRANSISCO if ******** funnY!!! haha that was a random comment,luv lol
b o s s K a g o m e Report | 06/15/2007 11:28 am
b o s s K a g o m e
AHHHH it's bloodsucker!!!






*(supposed to be pointing down lol)
BloodSucker313 Report | 06/14/2007 11:02 am
ITS ANKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hehe hey,luv!!!! *looks under me* AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! ITS KAGOME!!!!!!!!!!!hehe ok now im done User Image
b o s s K a g o m e Report | 06/14/2007 9:43 am
b o s s K a g o m e
Had ta take the opportunity babeh! User Image

Of course I'm using the Kiki it's like. . . my child now!!!

*Huggles Kiki* Thank joo!!!! *glomps Anko*

b o s s K a g o m e Report | 06/14/2007 12:24 am
b o s s K a g o m e
YAY first comment!!!

I took Anko's comment virginity!!!! Mwahahahahah!!!

I love you ^^ User Image