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If God had intended for man not to eat one another, he would not have made us of meat. - Farkleberry

I have never failed in my life. I have succeeded in finding what doesn't work. ~Some comedian

I plan on living forever. So far, so good. ~My brother

Kindness to one person is kindness to yourself -Boy in the World(Book)

Practice makes perfect. But since nobody is perfect, why bother practicing? - A poster my sister read

It is more important to master the cards at hand then to complain about the cards your opponent has been dealt. ~Mr. Grimsley

I'm absolutely certain in my ability to make the wrong decisions.
~Mr. Sister


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Having recently cleared my Skype list, feel free to add if you want
Skype: Kijchaos



So, I'm an avid player of online games. I'd love to make it my occupation if I could. I'm usually to be found here on Gaia, or in one of the many games I get around to playing.

So far, that list isn't very long, as I have a tendency to spend about a month playing one thing before moving on to the next and cycling between all the games I've ever played. In any case, on with the list:

Fantasy Earth Zero
Phantasy Star Online:Blue Burst(I play on the private schthack server)
Shin Megami Tensei
Perfect World International

And a whole host of other games both browser and client-based. I just can't remember them all at the moment.

In regards to Gaian economy and status, I am an art whore. I will, on occasion, scan the various threads of Gaia for artists willing to do free or commissioned work, if I can afford it.

Finally, if I don't like you, you'll know it. If I do like you, you'll know it.

About the guy behind the avi

Name: My real name isn't important. I do enjoy using my fake name of Kij, or Kei though. If you need to call me something, either of those is fine. I can only tell my real name to those I explicitly trust, after all.

Age: My age is old enough to know what I'm doing, but young enough to not really know how to get there. I have survived and remember 2 decades of history though.

Starsign: Sagittarius. Born in November if you wanted to know.

For those who wanted to see what I currently look like

I am a fan of mysteries, both novels and actual stories. I have my own share of mental problems, but isn't it true that every great mind has some weird thing to them? That's what I think, anyway.

Though I don't use it often, I actually am fairly good at problem solving and puzzles. Word games, Sudoku, even the occasional one-minute-mystery. I used to do things like that often when I was younger, and lately, along with my love of fire, I've also come to enjoy working out these mysteries once again. Not that there's a lot of that to be done on Gaia...

As far as relations go, friends are cool. I would love to have some more, especially if you love playing word games or mysteries like I do.

Game codes

Where I put all my game names, Identities and Codes if necessary.

Pokemon Black Tefera - 2236 6872 7414
Pokemon Platinum Alister- 0088 0043 6183
(More to come)


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So far, people who've suppled me with random gold and stuff

Nite Wind Girl Saya666
Mogmaster: Thank you letter for February 2008
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The Omnitrix King: 194 Black Inks heart
Dewi Don: 112 Black Inks
Okoucchan: 34 Black Inks
HirotoSumi: SDPlus #006 Moira heart
Heritage16: 5 Black Inks, Angelic Gloves


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Snippets of stories that I will write eventually.

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