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Welcome to my profile.
My name is Jill. Jill Valentine, actually.
I'm not sure what you'd want to know about me but feel free to PM if you think of something.

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I was almost a Jill sandwich



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the hero chris redfield Report | 06/04/2011 12:23 am
ur welcome jill biggrin
Type-0 Seven Report | 04/23/2011 11:25 pm
hi! i like your bsaa jill! its very good!
K i m z y Report | 01/16/2011 9:35 am
Well, I would watch CG as well because I just want a decent Resident Evil movie.

I know. That was stupid. I wanted to laugh when she met Claire and then she had that spider thingy on her chest that Jill has on Resident Evil 5.
Why would Claire have that? It just didn't make any sense whatsoever.

He looked too old to play Chris. xD He never talked much. He was a rubbish Chris.
Derpy Chris. rofl

Wesker was alright. I thought Lucas was the best out of the whole movie.
He didn't even do much, but he was a cool guy.
K i m z y Report | 01/16/2011 9:27 am
Not at all. I loved Degen as well. Better yet they could make it into an anime.
However, it would have to be a good ending! I don't want a bloody cliffhanger like Vampire Knight.

I thought it was funny when he took her powers away. xD

Well, if I were in the cinema I would leave as well because I wouldn't know if anything else would happen after the credits. It's absolutely stupid that they would put Jill at the end of the credits.

I liked her jacket. It reminded me of Resident Evil 2.
She just really needed her hair in a ponytail.

No comment on Chris. He looked awful.
K i m z y Report | 01/16/2011 8:37 am
I think they should just stop and completely reboot the Resident Evil movies.
Also, they seriously need to get rid of Alice. She has nothing to do with the games! It's stupid.

It's very likely that they will put Leon in the next movie.
However, if they do I bet they make him look like an idiot or something like that.

It's stupid how Jill was at the ending I thought to myself, ''What the...who is that?'' and then I suddenly realized it was Jill.
What was the point of having her at the ending? It's all so confusing and makes absolutely no sense.

I will say that I thought the person who played Claire looked like her, but I was disappointed that they didn't have her hair up in a ponytail.
That was a bit silly...
K i m z y Report | 01/16/2011 7:51 am
Well, if they make another one, will you go and see it at the cinema?
It might be awful again. xp

You know when Lucas came out of that cave, did you notice the parachute in the background?
People are saying that Wesker is alive and will be in the next movie.
I don't know...I never noticed the parachute. I never really payed attention to anything in the movie.
I was so bored with it.
K i m z y Report | 01/16/2011 6:59 am
You should have waited unti it came out on video.
You wasted your money. gonk
K i m z y Report | 01/16/2011 6:33 am
Nemesis; ''STAAARS!!'' xD

Anyway, I'm still raging and it wasn't long ago since I saw it on video.
K i m z y Report | 01/16/2011 4:25 am
No baddie is cooler than Wesker in Resident Evil.
I even prefer Wesker compared to Nemesis.

Ugh! Afterlife. My brother told me to watch it because it was good so I watched it and it was absolutely awful.
Oh my gosh! It was so boring. Literally the worst one out of the whole Resident Evil movies.
Although, I'm not keen on the Resident Evil movies anyway. Resident Evil 1 was alright, but I wouldn't get it on DVD.
I'd watch it if it was on television and nothing else was on.
K i m z y Report | 01/16/2011 4:18 am
Wesker can't be dead, he just can't! I won't accept that he is dead. D;
They killed him off in a stupid way.



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