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Person behind the avvie. ^ . ^
🎀 24 y/o Female
🎀 Animal lover. <3
🎀 Loves the City!
🎀 Lives in Pennsylvania
🎀 Cleans bathrooms for a living (eww)
🎀 Is the youngest of three sisters
🎀 Loves everyone. <3 (If you wanna be friends, just message me. ^-^)
🎀 I go on this site mainly for Roleplaying
🎀 Loves music!! (Just no screamo, most rap, or Country)
🎀 I'm a gamer, but I'm extremely picky.
🎀 Has a bad fear of Airplanes, and Tornadoes, and Bugs. sweatdrop
🎀 Aside from Gaia, I actively use Youtube as well!
🎀 I enjoy long walks on the beach or in a park
🎀 I hate anything sexual (call me weird igi)
🎀 I love Animes! Romance, Actions, you name it
🎀 I hate horror movies or games ;-;
🎀 Christmas is my favorite Holiday!
🎀 Guess most girls love jewelry, eh I like bracelets but that's it.
🎀 I hate wearing Jeans. (Yes I think it was necessary to add that. : ) )
🎀 I hate Summer. (Sweating is sooo awful!)
🎀 I'm a hyperactive freak. eek
🎀 I like emotional songs best. heart
🎀 Pink is my absolute fav color (Than baby blue, than purple)
🎀 I wanna die my hair pink one day, but I'm afraid of chemicals ruining it

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R.I.P Princess. My sweet little girl. I miss you soooo much it hurts so bad. ): You were more than just a family pet, or a dog. You were my very best friend. I'll always love you. < 3

{ You'll never walk alone .. }

Ohana means family, family means no one gets left behind... or forgotten. ♥


{ ʗαrσℓ / ♀ Female / ♜иovεɱϦεr 15 / 24 / ρennsylvania / Taken } ღ ρɧσʈσgrαρɧʏ - ❤ єɖιȶιȵg - ღ ʗʋʈε ʈɦιȵgs - ❤ ρσηιεs & иιηjαs - ღ ƒrιεηɖs

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser. ❣

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