It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it, but it's also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives.


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Birthday: 11/09


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Stalkers =] j/k


Life Quote

Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.

A Little About Me =]

My name is Kiera. I have several nicknames such as Kiki, Kiki_Bug, and Keeks[but don't call me that unless you want to die =D]. I'm usually a really relaxed person unless you ******** with me or my family.
I do LOVE to cuss, and I don't give a damn if it sounds "unintelligent" since I know I'm smart as hell. I'm not conceited but I do take pride in the things I'm good at.
I love all the people on my page, so if you're on're special! =]
I am one of the MOST SARCASTIC bitches you will meet but I don't do it to be a b***h. I just think sarcasm is funny as hell. If you don't like it, deal with it because to be honest I don't care.
I believe in second chances and just having as much fun as you can without crossing the line.
I'm an easy person to get along with because I can be immature and mature.
Once you burn any chances I give you, you don't even exist in my world anymore.
Usually I don't take things too seriously so just PM if you want to talk! =]

About Me

Your name?
Kiera Loreal-Rahnae Johnson

Top three Bands:
Green Day, Everlife, and Maroon 5

What is your favorite saying?
What the ********!!!

How coordinated are you?
I guess I'm coordinated, it's when I'm still that I fall over =].........I think I'm very sensitive to the world turning lmao yep......that has to be it!!!

What annoys you the most about a person?
When they are very clingy and need to be reassured about something or helped through a drama all the time. I always dislike really serious people.

Do you have trust issues?
When it comes to friends and family no but when it comes to relationship.......yes I'm very untrusting!!

If you where on an island, name one person you would take.
JessiCosmic...........because that whore is entertaining as hell! =]

If the person that you like/love asked you to marry them right now, money not an object and no age limit for marriage, you would say:
If I love them I'd say yes but if I just liked them then ******** that s**t!! >.<

Would you rather always be wrong or hit every red light for the rest of your life?
Hit every red light because I need to be's like an addiction for me =]

What is the worst injury you've ever had?
My brother slammed the car door on my leg and it ripped to the bone.............then later got infected....that b***h was painful =]

Would you die for someone? If so, who?
I would die for anyone in my family because they are the most important things to me!!!

Name something wrong that happened today:
I had to pick up a tab because my friends are idiots lol!!

Do you think your friends gossip behind your back?
Probably, but I don't give a ******** because it doesn't matter.

Do you think you have OCD?
No, that s**t would annoy me to death......literally

Your favorite thing to do when you're alone:
read or think about the future or things I don't understand =]

Dream Avi


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JessiCosmic Report | 04/05/2017 9:57 pm
Hey, It has been 10 thousand years, but they took zOMG away and now it is back. You missed the drought, I miss you D:
JessiCosmic Report | 01/28/2013 11:45 am
There is a level 12 now on zOMG.... It takes like 4 hours to level up one ring. I hate this game....I now have to level all of my rings because if I don't, I wont be superior... I blame all of this on you, Kiera... Somehow, it is all your fault. =]
mizriz Report | 03/23/2012 6:47 am
mizriz Report | 11/06/2011 3:00 pm
the one i wrote below is advance sweatdrop lololol
V... xDD
mizriz Report | 11/06/2011 2:51 pm
kiera... HAPPY HAPPY B-day heart heart

hope u hve a gud one >w<
JessiCosmic Report | 09/18/2011 7:45 pm
I shall! We can SS or whatever! I still havent played it since they updated it.
JessiCosmic Report | 09/18/2011 4:03 pm
We so should! I would love that!
JessiCosmic Report | 09/18/2011 3:29 am
Surprise, it's me biggrin

We use to be on here all the damn time, what happend? Hahaha oh yeah, we got lives and friends.... I miss my KieraTastic D:
BlazinPyr0 Report | 08/28/2011 11:06 am
kewl avi biggrin
JessiCosmic Report | 06/24/2011 8:03 pm
You and me baby aint nothin but mammals so lets DO IT like they DO on the DISCOVERY channel.

Just thought you should know.


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