kid icarus.

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i'm kid icarus. 24. male.
i log on every so often.
i get excited about food.
i don't like random pms.
and/or friend requests.
i'll send one if i like you.

avatartist [av-uh-tahr-tist].

1. a person who produces Gaia Online avatars that are primarily subject to aesthetic criteria
2. a person whose trade or profession requires a knowledge of precise color matching, avatar design, and items on Gaia Online
3. a person whose avatar exhibits exceptional skill
*an infectious disease marked by inflammation and ulceration of the lower part of the bowels, with diarrhea that becomes mucous and hemorrhagic.
[Origin: portmanteau word of "avatar" and "artist" © Kid Icarus 2007]
*definition #4 is not actually a meaning of 'avatartist'

******** [kluht-er-fuhk-uhs].

1. Gaia Online Avatars

...a. an avatar of disorderly assemblage
...b. an avatar with several parts or elements of disorderly ...assemblage
...c. an avatar with all parts or elements matched to a particular ...color scheme yet still of disorderly assemblage
[Origin: latinized portmanteau word of "clutter" and &********; © Kid Icarus 2008]

good music.


Kiwi Sebastian
Your avatar skills surpass countless in the WG. And I'm not just saying that because we're tight like virgins.

[ Danger Woman ]
I'm glad you became a Wigger!

[ d i l u t e ]
You're seriously a very talented person who I think a lot of, as gay as that may sound. I think you're a brilliant personality around the WG and, it's come to my attention, many other places too. You are my style icon, and I still watch your videos to cheer myself up. Does that sound stalkerish? It probably does.

Meitantei! Cobalt
Kid is truly the one exception. I've NEVER seen you in an outfit that I couldn't tack a story to. You don't tack on gold for another color, you don't tack on demonic items [halo and anklets, specifically] to add black, and you don't LAYER LAYER LAYER for the sake of layering.

So fresh and so clean! xD

Kaworu 17
Father Icarus, forgive him, for he does not know what he is saying.

-SpringHeel Jakk-
God of the WG.
There, I said it.

holler at your boy.

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a Clockwork Science Report | 02/26/2014 9:36 pm
a Clockwork Science
Happy Birthday. smile
Spyke` Report | 08/30/2011 11:37 pm
fiddledidi Report | 09/22/2010 11:20 pm
Lady Ananas Report | 03/03/2010 1:22 pm
Lady Ananas
*pokes & runs*
Leon Magnus Kaiser Report | 02/26/2010 3:27 pm
Leon Magnus Kaiser
Happy Birthday Kid Icarus, I wish you all the best my friend.
Suites Birthday Fairy Report | 02/26/2010 5:54 am
Suites Birthday Fairy
Happy Birthday

From the Suites Birthday Fairy
porkiie Report | 02/26/2010 12:29 am
happy birthday..!
[teh jack] Report | 02/04/2010 12:30 pm
[teh jack]
Been gone AWHILE;; just logged in for the first time in IDon'tKnowHowLong.

Zypher Wildfire Report | 01/13/2010 5:59 pm
Zypher Wildfire
Is that so? I would have never guessed, especially with all the satin robes lying around everywhere. How often does Hefner come over?
Zypher Wildfire Report | 01/12/2010 11:34 pm
Zypher Wildfire
I'm just jealous you've a fireplace. Don't tell me you have a red satin robe, comfortable loafers, a wine glass for the rum, and your own late night story telling television show?

Kiwi Sebastian
Iijima Hanada
Kid Icarus
[ Danger Woman ]

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