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i don't want to meet people that foolishly
attempt to get my attention
by staring or glancing.
i don't want to get to know the many
people that follow me then quickly walk
away once i turn around.
i don't want to
make friends with people that sit[stand]
near me and wait for me to instigate the
i don't want to see the people that keep
showing up wherever i am praying that
we will share that rare connecting moment
i don't want to put myself in the same
catagory with the ones that say "i like your style/hair/shoes/jacket/make-up" and then
cant come up with anything to follow.
i don't want to respond the all of the people that
randomly start talking to me i want someone
to come up beside me and keep walking as
if we know eachother and started together
from point [a] and coincidentaly both end
up at point .
i want someone who will
walk with me, keeping up no matter what,
without thinking twice or asking "where".

i want someone who just says the few words
i want to hear, [theend] i want someone who
understands that silence is because smalltalk
is s**t and neither of us care anyway.
I want someone who can simply walk.
Because before you speak you know
nothing more of a person than their physicalities.
How they carry themself, the look on their face, the way they

stepskipstumbleand .stop.

How they cross a street with traffic near and
how they get through a crowd.
If they look both ways.
If they breathe through their mouth or their nose.
The things you always learn later when the friend
or person mattered, because by then we were past all your mememe i'll listen just so i can talk.
Because by then you cared.
Because you were comfortable enough to continue without talking.

That is all i want...

Because i don't want to know[hear] about your life until I am comfortable, not the other way around. It should always be that way. Too bad no one does that

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