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hmm oh how it has been so long since i changed this... So I guess there is only one thing to really talk to about myself, and that is about the most wonderful person in the world, who just happens to be beside me doing homework. She is smart, cute, funny, sexy, makes me smile, always is there(even when you may not want her to be), and has always just been the perfect choice for me. Now i know a lot of you are thinking, well my gf is better or that she can't possibly be perfect because my girl is, then obviously your definition of perfect is wrong. Your definition of perfect is probably something like, "Somebody who is adequate, not great, but they keep you happy..?", but in all fairness, that definition is wrong. In order for a person to be perfect they must fit all the qualities of a perfect person ^_^. A bit redundant but it is very true. For a person to be perfect they must be always there, they have to the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. They must look at you, and when they do, your eyes light up from the mere sight of them. Nothing else can penetrate your thoughts when you look at them, and often she may ask, "What are you thinking about", and you will only ever have one response, "what I'm looking at, it's always you." Now a lot of you may think it is corny cobwallop the things i have said so far, but if you ever meet her, and you look her in the eyes, you will wish that you could spend one moment in an embrace with her because it will feel like an eternity of "first kisses" or just an eternity of the moment in which you first saw her, and your heart skipped a beat. Now most of you can't know this passion because you haven't met her and that is fine because I am a bit protective of her *cough cough* and if anybody tries to mess with her you are messing with a force unbeknownst to you. I wish to go on and on about her, so i think i shall, but you don't have to read it if you wish you can skip to the end to see the small section about myself, but personally if I were you I would look at this next section about her because it can give you insight to just how wonderful humans can strive to be.
She walks with a certain air, and this air wafts over you like a thousand little clouds, embracing you in their comforting warmth, and what comes from these clouds is a sensation of warmth, a warmth that burns deep within your heart and makes you want to cry out it is so strong. The glow that comes from her is that of a rising sun on the beach, where nothing else exists but you and that friendly warmth coming to greet you. When you look into her eyes when they are blue, you see a vast expanse of never ending ocean, as deep as the center of the earth, and when you look directly into them, you lose your breath as you are caught in the waves that pass over you. If they are green, you feel like you really have crossed over to where the grass is always greener, and it is such a pure green, that when you look at another shade of green it simply looks dull in comparison. When you hold her in an embrace, it is as though nothing exists in the world anymore and it's just you two, standing there on a bank of nothingness, because what else could matter at the moment but this delicate angel so close to you. And lastly, and if not most importantly lies the wonderful embrace of the kiss. When you kiss her, it is as though all the air has been sucked out of your lungs and your heart tries in ernest to beat again, but it cannot because you are forever instilled upon this moment where you have met her in this embrace unlike any other. to kiss another would be to bathe in a bath of dull light that only warms the outermost layer of your soul, but to kiss her is to feel the fire that dwells within the deepest layers of the earth and to feel the raging storms of the seas within you. It is not something to be taken for granted because once you do, you lose yourself within it and there is no going back. Perfection is Lyali.
So that is basically how i feel for her in words that exist, because no words can do it justice, and here is my little side note on myself.
I am about 5' 10, 18 and blonde and blue eyed, (german if you couldn't guess) I like to play baseball and any time that i am not eating, sleeping or with my family, she is upon my mind and dwelling deep in the recesses of those thoughts. For those of you lucky enough to know her, know one thing. She is the most important person to me, and if you hurt her, you shall regret it 10 full. ^_^ have a nice day everyone and thank you for reading biggrin .

oh and on a side note, for all of you gaian hoes, no need to flirt with me because there is no chance in hell i would even look at your crab infested selves, so take your raggedy asses over to Copythis's profile page and give him some herpes, because if you know him, it quite well looks like he dove into a pool of the vile disease. >.< i mean really what the hell man oh and for once don't eat kitty litter before you come into school and breathe on people... it's a MAJOR turn off ^_^ thank you. oh and on a side side note, sorry man that things didn't work out with you and noah, but i guess he was the only one willing to go back in the closet.

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sick a** page dude s**t we should trade lol twisted
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i just wont read them anymore HA
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too bad. deal with it
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i got a new one...didnt u see!!?????????!?!?!
Tipillow Report | 03/25/2009 5:33 pm
lolz. you do that.
Tipillow Report | 03/25/2009 5:17 pm
lol. What is that?
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lol, if she doesnt remember, then I'll put on my snowman suit and go buy a squishy.




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