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One By One, We Bite The Dust
We Kick The Bucket And Begin To Rust
Give Up The Ghost When Your Number's Up
We All Fall Down

A Is For Amber
Who Drowned In A Pool

B Is For Billy
Who Was Eaten By Ghouls

C Is For Curt
With Disease Of The Brain

D Is For Daniel
Derailed On A Train

E Is For Erik
Who Was Buried Alive

F Is For Frank
Who Was Stabbed Through The Eye

G Is For Greg
Who Died In The Womb

H Is For Heather
Who Was Sealed In A Tomb

I Is For Issac
Who Lost His Front Brakes

J Is For Johnny
Who Was Bitten By Snakes

K Is For Kimmy
Who Was Shot In The Head

L Is For Larry
Who Bled And Bled

M Is For Marie
Who Burned To A Crisp

N Is For Nick
Who Was Pummled By Fists

O Is For Olive
Who Lived Life Too Fast

P Is For Pat
Who Swallowed Some Glass

Q Is For Quentin
Who Took The Wrong Trail

R Is For Reyna
Who Rotted In Jail

S Is For Steve
Who Was Shot With A Bow

T Is For Tori
Who Froze In The Snow

U Is For Urich
Who Trampled By Hooves

V Is or Vanessa
Who Fell Off A Roof

W Is For Willow
Who Was Hit By A Car

X Is For Xavier
Who Sunk In The Tar

Y Is For Yessy
Who Fell From A Plane

Z Is For Zack
Who Simply Went Insane


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Is rap really music?

In any case, I don't class rap as music, I think it'd be more appropriate to refer to it as "ramblings in the semi-English language".

Technically, rap itself isn't music, because it doesn't have a melody, it's just people performing their 'ability' to speak without using breath or spaces between words. I dunno. I'm probably wrong there, but I'm pretty sure a piece of music has to h



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kairis Namine

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kairis Namine

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Sharigan girl

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Sharigan girl


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o well im always confused =p