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I'm just a silly girl who started Gaia back in 04, then disappeared for around 7 years only to drop back in and out now.

I really really really like kitties. Irrationally so for someone who doesn't actually own a cat currently. It mostly stemmed from growing up with a cat for most of my life, we were the same age. Unfortunately that cat has passed away now and as a student I'm not certain I would be able to afford one or give it as much time and attention I would like, so I'm holding off until I'm settled down.

I did play league, I still do sometimes, but it's one of those games that's past it's prime for me. I started playing back in season 1 and have been following their esports scene from back then. You know, back in the day when I obsessed over jiji's streams and literally spent a day watching them build ikea furniture.

And it's because of that, that I'm forever a CLG fangirl even though they never fail to make it incredibly painful to be a supporter.

Feel free to reminisce old times with me.

Also, I love chatting with people, and random pms are nice, so don't hesitate to pm me!

I also apologize if I don't answer my pm's right away or if I forget to. D: I really don't mean it, but it probably got lost in my inbox somewhere. Don't hesitate to pm me back!

Please no random friend requests though! If you wanna be friends, send me a msg or find me on the boards so we can chat~


Pretty sure it's impossible, but I'm questing everything on my wishlist. It has become a giant mass of impossible. Donations are of course, loved, but don't feel obligated to get me things!


Many thanks to all my donators, and you all have a special place in my heart for making my gaia experience so amazing. Every little or big gift and the messages that come with it truly do make my day. In fact I'm amazed how much pixels can affect my mood and get me so excited. <3

Unfortunately I don't update my profile nearly enough to include you all here, but you guys know who you are and know that I love you all, kay? emotion_kirakira

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