Hello and welcome.
Please nice to meet you! Please call me Nasaela, Birdie or Raven
I'm not usually the most talkative, I'm just a bumbling fool in my early 30s. But even so I forgot what this site is about at times. Its to make friends, be creative and maybe even start a story or two. I go by they/them

My story is a long one...I was stupid you can say I guess. I met alot of people, I hurt alot of people...I made friends, I lost them.

I lied. A lot. Because I was too scared to just be myself.

Through my years on gaia, I've been stalked, harassed, banned (a lot) cause I went off on the stalker who made 10-15 accounts a month to constantly get in touch with me, and in return I became a spiteful, hateful person...to this day I wish I never went into towns. But it isn't all the fault of the people I met in towns. It was also my lack of temper control

I also met wonderful people, and through them, I've learned alot, but I still hadn't changed much. I was still a liar who hated themselves.. and wanted to face anything but reality on who and what I was.

As the years went on, I trusted a few people enough to fully be open. I've grown a bit, and I would like to think I am a bit more mature for it.

So these days while I'm on here, I try to reconnect, maybe make some new friends along the way. Feel free to message me, talk to me, anything. Heck even come join me on twitch sometimes, I always welcome people to play with me.

If you happen to have run into me from a bid war, I'm usually a good sport. I just bid for the sake of bidding at times, and I get lost in the moment. Just ask for the item or items in question, I'll probably just give it to you!

Kian Suijin

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Last Login: 08/13/2022 6:01 pm

Birthday: 11/13


All my art ♥

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Now time to put my old sigs from accounts long gone.
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Checking me out hmm? Enjoy the view~

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bibi-chan21 Report | 08/04/2022 9:40 pm
Okay lol, looks like you might have to wait another month or so, just based on other people's releases crying
bibi-chan21 Report | 08/04/2022 9:08 pm
When was your ticket accepted again?
I'm trying to calculate our releases based on info found in other user ticket trackers.
So far, for myself, I had tickets accepted in April, and I know a user with a ticket accepted in March still waiting on a release.
So I might be waiting about 1 more month or so.
bibi-chan21 Report | 08/04/2022 8:06 pm
Darn... sad
maybe next week then lol
bibi-chan21 Report | 08/04/2022 6:39 pm
No item releases for me.
How about you?
TheDevilishArcher Report | 08/03/2022 1:48 pm
Hm, fair.
TheDevilishArcher Report | 08/02/2022 1:20 pm
Wow, a sober life? I can't imagine. One of those weirdos who's high on living, is he?
TheDevilishArcher Report | 08/02/2022 12:55 pm
Awww, time to fill the lonely void with cheese_whine drinks and drugs and cheese. cheese_whine
TheDevilishArcher Report | 08/02/2022 12:52 pm
Oh, you know. I've been around.
Im well though, how about yourself?
Shapeshifter Shroomy Report | 07/23/2022 7:34 pm
Shapeshifter Shroomy
Aaaw, thanks~ heart
Absins Report | 07/22/2022 5:18 pm
Thanks for the advice! Sadly I don't know anybody looking to sell Jaeger's Dark Chains sad

I'm a stalker!