Welcome to my profile. I'm Kiamx or Kia, or Kiki. Just a little bit about me:

Kia is:
*Always bored
*Somewhat crabby
*Obsessed with Fairies
*Very Rainbow

Kia Likes:
*Quirky things

My Dream Avis:

The Dreamer:
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Human A Potion
Princess Discord (Grim Tune)
Jupiter's Lace (Lacy Gown)
Persephone's Return (Red Locks)
Reve Rouille (Automaton's Bolero)
Infernal Seduction
Sainte Ciel: Eros (Mephiste's Altar)


User Image

Halloween 2k12 Light Vampire Potion
Zodiacal (Capricorn Spectacled Eyes)
Default Mouth 52
Romantic St. (Lovely Braid)
Demeter Nacht (Flower Skirt)
The Moth Lullaby (Top)
Foxy March (Shoes)
Evertree Embrace (Fall)


User Image

Peravian Set (Wig)
Human A Potion
Dark Heart (Amiable Gaze)
Default Mouth 13
Pebbled Heart (Northwood Skirt)
Light Magic (Legs)
Elemental Love (Shirt)
Tale of Clarion (Dual Wield)
Holy Gauntlets (Holy Circle)
Forteanagoria (Unexplainable Lights)


User Image

Human A Potion
Light Doe Eyes (Jade)
Default Mouth 44
Fluttering Moth (Legs)
Aamira the Serene (Skirt Sash)
Fluttering Moth
La Syphide


User Image

Human A Potion
Ace of Stars (Star-colored Heterochromia)
Default Mouth 13
Black Bishop Tactician (with SC Agape)
Candy Angel's Fall (Descendance)
Boundless Gaze (Up in the Air)
Seafoam Gown


User Image

Human A Potion
Forlorn Opera Singer (Blinded Face)
SDPlus #308 Rainbow Lisa (Rainbow Locks (with SC Agape))
Hell's Mistress (Skirt)
Demon's Dominance (Legs)
Vega's Love (Clouds)
Eccentric Resonance (Top)
Delphic Oracle (Mystic Sleeves)


User Image

Human A Potion
Doting Loving Manner (^__^)
Copper Snippet (Hair with SC Agape)
Cheerful Conjuror (Skirt)
Star Smasher (Skates)
Bonbonieru Konpeito (Miniskirt and Stockings)
S-Pop Club: Odele (School video uniform top)
Unicorn March
Ichigood (Happy Scenary)

Funny Quotes:

Teacher Quotes

-If somebody wanted to store nuclear waste, that would probably NOT be a valid thing to do here (Computer Science)
-Assume the user is an idiot (Computer Science)
-Compiler will Spew if it doesn't see a semicolon (computer science)
-To save keystrokes and prolong Chris's Life (Computer science)
-Do left handed teachers start off handing papers on the left side of the room (Computer science)
-That metal thing with the handle that we go whump whump whump (Computer science)
-If someone smashes an egg over you head then you are…eggi (Latin)
-If I hook up my toaster here which way are the electrons gonna go? (Physics 3)
-this will only stop your heart briefly it won't kill you (Physics 3)
-So screw you all the test will be on Friday (Physics 3)
-What's the definition of better in physics? (Physics 3)
-I think we left off with useless crap." (Educational Psych)
-I just changed cheese to rutabaga cuz it’s a fun word to say…rutabega. (Educational Psych)
-Piaget is the mac daddy of cognitive development (Adolescent Psychology)
-Jesus eat the fruit loops (Adolescent Psychology)
-Your going to think of someone eating a blow pop and their brain blows up (Adolescent Psychology)
-Great for you, sucks for your room mate (Adolescent Psychology)
-Your attitude about homework is my attitude about grading, I hope if I ignore it it will go away. (Physics 1)
-No it blocks the board and I look Like I'm a pompous ass (Physics 1)
-Omega, the greek letter that looks like someone's mooning you (Physics 1)
-If you get a hundred and I get 99 then I'll get 5 guys for you…The Burgers. (Physics 1)
-Not my fault their not built to withstand impact with walls. (Physics 2)
-Cuz I'm going to sprout extra arms for erasing things (Physics 2)
-You don't have to be artistically inclined to be a physicist. (Physics 2)
-Torques must be zero, otherwise it would be rotating that would be bad for a bridge (Physics 2)
-It is immobile, on the floor done. (Physics 2)
-Just because he's different doesn't mean he's scary unless he goes around town killing people (Physics 2)
-The curvature of the universe is different in my physics universe. If you don't like it leave. My universe." (Physics 2)
-First you get cranky then you get psychotic. (Physics 2)
-That's my great mystery in life, spelling. (Physics 2)
-Some complicated equation, it involves pi, you don't want to know. (Physics 2)
-Mostly it's funny to see lots of small children with boxes on their heads (Physics 2)
-light rays bounce off of anything reflective, that is anything that is shiny. (Physics 2)
-Instead of saying no you dumbass you're wrong ((Note the dumbass he's referring to here is himself))(Physics 2)
-Seriously I cannot balance my checkbook (Physics 2)
-No it's more fun hitting it with a stick (Physics 2)
-To smash the smallest things with the biggest hammer. (Physics 2)
-You point the digital thingy and press a button if it doesn't turn out you try it again." (Physics 2)
-It's not because it's bad for you it's because nature is friggin weird. (Physics 2)
-I like to think of this stuff as things you learn from tubes of glass. (Physics 2)
-My job for today is to finish confusing you about waves that are particles and particles that are waves." (Physics 2)
"Where if your awake you get an a if your breathing you get a b if your comatose you can get a c and if your dead you can still pull a d." (Physics 2)
-Lettuce still looks like lettuce and the tomatoes still look like lettuce (Speech)

Fanfiction Quotes:

-“…Well, one time, I switched the coffee to decaf, then when every one was over their caffeine addiction, I switched it to espresso, un.” Deidara smirked. “ I think the only one unfazed was Itachi, un.”
-“ Weird is good, strange is bad, and odd is when you don’t know which one to use. It was Tobi’s idea anyway, un.” Deidara said irritably.
-Naruto sighed, "I hate orange, one day I decided that if I could stand wearing something I hate then maybe the villagers would be able to accept me one day. Over time it became a habit."
-Sasuke could hardly believe his eyes, the two strongest demons standing here, in all their glory, talking smack. Wow, he’s going to need some intense therapy after this.
-Help Me for I am Toaster Impaired!

Anime/Manga/TV Quotes:

-Hello Sweetie (Doctor Who)
-I wear a fez now fezzes are Cool (Doctor Who)
-When your guns you’re identical but when your human not even your boobs are symmetrical. (Soul Eater)
-China I choose you (Hetalia)
-“Am I naked in front of millions of viewers?” “Absolutely” “Ladies your viewing figures just went up.”(Doctor Who)

Misc Quotes:

-Then the credits started rolling and she’s like, “Well I’ll be damned” Dog got it right. (Greg Ayers)
-Life is confusion, confusion is a state of mind, therefore life is just a state of mind.(My aunt)
-Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don’t mind. (Dr. Seuss)
-The most exciting phrase to hear in science the one that heralds new discoveries, is not "Eureka" but "That's funny…" (Isaac Asimov)

Artwork Done for Me:

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If you do art I will pay well for OC drawings. Just PM me.


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Kia's Thoughts on Everything

Hello all, I'm Kia and I like to write about well, everything. This Journal will be a compendium of my thoughts on books, my job, things going on in my life, and other. I will always try to end my journals on a good note and will often recommend so


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um.. its a sailor moon group rp...? not a real fan of it srry but thanks for the offer

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i haven't seen it. do you have a link

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cool avi
Dorg Endo

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Dorg Endo

Thank for playing my tank and bumping. It's my first tank ever. And by next week I will have new fishes and a grunny sub. cat_3nodding
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Strawberry Requiem

cool avi

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hi... thanks for buying from my store...
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Loving Smile

Thanks for buying!

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thanks for bying =3

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If you're looking for avi art or cute art, try Vicodin Sandwich!
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Somewhat Gentlemanly

Would you like to play a little game with me? Here's how we play:

I'm not sure if you remember, but I am an alt. If you do, this game is so much easier for you, if not, well, then it's fun for me. I want YOU to guess who is controlling ME. Here are the rules:

1. No asking for outside help. That would involve clicking on PM towards any of your friends, including Narro and KyoKeisei

2. No asking me for specific hints. (That would involve "Do you know ____ personally" or anything like that" wink

3. You have three guesses until I outright tell you.

4. Anything else if fair game.

Happy playing.


"Help me for I am toaster impaired!
I swear one day I will rewrite the fanfiction that this line comes from.

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