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+ If an item is posted for under 500K, please do not PM me any offers.

+ If an item is posted for over 500K, you may PM me fair offers that
[a.] only include gold and donation items and also
[b.] are worth my asking price.

+ Sorry, but I do not hold items.

+ I didn't want to add this, but it seems I must. DO NOT PM me begging for donations.

+ IF you have a good offer, then I will reply, if not, I most likely will not reply.


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*Runs around then Stops and looks at you* What are you looking at. ^^ HI I'm Kiala. I'm 18 and I love to have fun. I have a bad a** side yet I'm mainly a happy, fun girl. I have so many friends at all ages. I guess thats just cause I'm a big kid. I always have a smile and willing to help a friend. I do anything to make them smile.^^ Will thats Just me being nutty. Got to go *runs off acting like air plan*

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Total Value: 78,933 Gold
After Exclusions: 77,108 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Sky Sparkle Empire Dress
Fairy Wings


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Black Soul Of A Vampire Report | 02/24/2008 12:53 pm
hey e-mail me me back!!!!!
InFecTioN1992 Report | 08/26/2007 11:51 am
Hey Hey Hey

I love You Baby!
valintine wolfe Report | 06/30/2007 6:03 am
thanks for the comment
EeJiWoung Report | 06/29/2007 3:38 pm
MilkisPrince Report | 06/29/2007 10:34 am
why would you want all of those and expeically the eye balls hhmmmmm did you copy those just from one store because those things are creepy oh and hi
MilkisPrince Report | 06/28/2007 11:40 am
im playing word bump
MilkisPrince Report | 06/28/2007 11:19 am
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im bored and getting money from commenting you yay
MilkisPrince Report | 06/28/2007 10:39 am
i know what it means but my bro said dont tell you
EeJiWoung Report | 06/27/2007 10:01 pm
나는 당신을 위한 강렬한 감정이 있다

나는 당신을 대단히 좋아한다

Ello, how are you do'in
SapphireSara2 Report | 06/27/2007 7:29 pm
Hey <33

It's Summer Vacation!

And I love your new avi >w<
Kiara Amou

Please help me look like this

My Best Guy Friend

~kiala~ Bad side

Kiara Amou Good Side

My BestFriend thats a Girl