Yo~ My name's Khra. I'm a pretty easy person to get along with but I'm terrible at starting conversations.

I'm a casual gamer and play every now and then with my free time. I love the video game series, Devil May Cry. I do read manga and watch anime. Black Cat, Star Driver, Bungo Stray Dogs and Noragami are my favorites.

Ensemble Stars and Idolish7 have ruined my life.
But I truly love Narukami Arashi and Re:vale.

I love dragons, characters in red outfits, blond characters, Gakupo's character design, and, if it wasn't clear enough already, the color red.
(Fate) Gilgamesh is an a*****e but I love him. ******** him.

If there's one thing I truly hate, it's my indecisiveness.

A lot more about me but that's basic stuff.


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Javier Cross

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Javier Cross

Is it cool if we may talk?

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4 felt to me like it had very little to almost nothing to do with the previous assassin's creeds idk..


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i got the windwaker bundle wiiU recently and it's pretty cool i think, but i've only played 2 actual wiiU games wonderful 101 and mario 3d world. but i can't wait for smash bros. and bayonetta yeeee

wowowow i actually forgot you could grab all the bosses if you stunned them that was super hype and like my favorite thing about nero
yesss that's exactly what i mean actually

to me he was just bland like i really don't remember anything about him, i did not expect desmond to die and i don't really understand why he did but that was eh too. B[
yeahyeahyeah 4 is just a buncha fun

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omgno i'm a loser yeh

just make sure you don't forget about bayonetta yess especially with the sequel coming out, only thing is the sequel is solely for the wiiU

yesss, exactly. I actually liked nero super hard and the devil bringer was super useful as well as the grapples were all really cool.
that would've been wayyy better idea than what they went with B[
but instead it felt like what dmc would be if they turned it into a movie? if that makes any sense

i just didn't like connor and the story disappointed me cause all the other assassin's creeds seemed to be building up to something big and i was like coool, but then you realize it's like bandwagoned with all the 2012 end of the world stuff and blagh. the only thing i really liked was the naval combat so when i heard they were making a game based around that i was hyped and it didn't disappoint.
4 was gr8 yeh.

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yeeeee, I actually like that line a lot too. you're cool. B]

it's not that great but it definitely satisfied my craving for character action for a bit

that's really the thing devil may cry 3's story was perfect you can't really do better than that so for 4 they had to introduce a new main character with his own story cause Dante is already this unstoppable badass who has beat all the big bads who else could they pit him against i understand why they can't really continue it just can't accept it cause dmc is so great cries

yess definitely get into it, it is very devil may cry but more ridiculous. And heeyyy AC4 was pretty damn good. Which is good considering I was super bored while playing 3

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i probably only realized cause it was my second fav song behind devils never cry. i know i know i love the music so much

the only people i know that know of it just know of it and aren't really fans. nonono that's really sad cause the reboot was okay and all but it's not devil may cry noooo

i want platinum games to make a new devil may cry B[
that would make me super happy but i can't see it happening
but it's okay because they're making a new bayonetta
actually have you heard of bayonetta?

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noticed them lyrics from shall never surrender in your signature

don't know many people who know about dmc which makes me sadface, so its cool to see somebody does yeh

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devil may cry tho

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