Name: Khamille
Age: 21
From Cali.
Status: single, not looking
Race: Vietnamese and Filipino
Feel free to message me or leave a comment.

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TomcatTG Report | 12/29/2018 10:02 pm
hi der
day dream2 Report | 11/02/2018 8:50 pm
day dream2
Oh wow! It's super cute!! <3
day dream2 Report | 11/01/2018 9:11 pm
day dream2
That's kind of how I was feeling, I feel the price works for the quality and amount of time I put into the pieces. I'm debating of reopening my shop but I also don't have time for a lot of orders yet. I'm not sure :/

Today was productive got some chores done, took Midna (my pup) out for a walk, swept up some leaves, played in the backyard with her and finished up a pin button order for someone. Should do some more chores buuut I don't want to lol. I've noticed you've kept your current avatar for awhile, is it one you plan on keeping for a while longer?
day dream2 Report | 11/01/2018 7:03 pm
day dream2
I hope it was fun!

/side note I've been going through art shops since I want to collect some art for myself and JESUS art pricing is through the roof! Sketches are starting 30k plat and if you want any amount of color it starts at 50k plat in most shops.. I know I'm not the best artist out there but I think my quality is better and I tend to ask for half that.. makes me wonder if I should raise my prices to match or if I should just draw my own stuff all the time.. but I want other styles! Uggghshslkjsflal sorry lol just wanted to rant I guess.

How's your day?
day dream2 Report | 10/28/2018 12:41 pm
day dream2
Eating some candy and popcorn while I watch some scary movies alone with my pup razz how about you?
day dream2 Report | 10/27/2018 8:09 pm
day dream2
Aw that's nice~ I'm doing okay ^^
day dream2 Report | 10/27/2018 2:34 pm
day dream2
how's it going dear? It's been awhile ^^
MoonlightRiku Report | 09/21/2018 6:46 pm
Thank you! You matched those up perfectly! So pretty.
MoonlightRiku Report | 09/21/2018 3:11 am
Hi! I was wondering what dress that item is you are wearing? Also the legs biggrin super cute! heart
Meltlilith Report | 08/14/2018 8:12 pm
Ah sorry about that n v n;
What items are you offering? I'll turn my pms back to normal


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art by doodlesuu
pixel by Hero-corn

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