Name: Khamille
Age: 21
From Cali.
Status: single, not looking
Race: Vietnamese and Filipino
Feel free to message me or leave a comment.

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art by day dream2
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AciidCastles Report | 04/25/2018 10:59 pm
Oh goodness, I added you heart
AciidCastles Report | 04/25/2018 10:50 pm
Pm me your snap or readd me on fb or both heart
AciidCastles Report | 04/25/2018 10:43 pm
i-i-i miss you in general crying come back in my life please emotion_kirakira
AciidCastles Report | 04/25/2018 10:41 pm
Hey Khami heart
Linzor Report | 04/25/2018 3:09 pm
oh thank you (I'm guessing you meant my fairy avi) v u v
DreamerOZ Report | 04/24/2018 5:55 pm
u snaccc
Online Psycho Report | 04/23/2018 10:31 pm
Online Psycho
Being a piece of s**t emotion_awesome wbu?
day dream2 Report | 04/22/2018 6:20 pm
day dream2
I will be soon, just want to grab a snack ^^ and hopefully my comp won't crash again.
day dream2 Report | 04/22/2018 6:16 pm
day dream2
sorry about that dear, my computer crashed. ^^'
Online Psycho Report | 04/21/2018 10:54 pm
Online Psycho
Hey itโ€™s been a minute emotion_kirakira

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