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I'm franswa,aka franny, creator of Copley's ADventure, Kleeshay and Shinanigans, if you want to read them just contact me. But anyway, i am a huge anime freak, there are way to many to be my favorites "BELIEVE IT"!!!! I'm a sophmore, in highschool. i love to draw anime and what not, i create manga and peeps at school read them.
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This is my pit avi! tee hee not my dream avi!

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Light yagami!

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my sasuke avi(doesn't look like him)

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Nintendo Wii

Drawing, eating, video games,friends,some sports, computer.

Remind me to update my interests.


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Eskimikan Pie Report | 12/30/2008 6:30 pm
Dude...we needs to I can levels up mai pins..8D

I love the battle system for this game...User Image

hell I just love this game in general.

Eskimikan Pie Report | 12/30/2008 6:20 pm
Screw that!! D8<

I LUFF Neku...and everyone else...except Joshua as well....gah he gets on mai nerves...@__@
Eskimikan Pie Report | 12/30/2008 6:09 pm
Franny-swa! I'm addicted to TWEWY now.

Eskimikan Pie Report | 11/08/2008 11:26 am
ZOMG! Its franny-swa! 8D
Eskimikan Pie Report | 10/06/2008 4:03 pm
XD Thanks for reminding me!! But then took a whole week to get me Space Channel 5. User Image

I'll do it though.
JulianEsparza Report | 07/19/2008 6:40 pm
your face is bizzare
JulianEsparza Report | 07/18/2008 6:45 pm
Bahaha yeah, leo and max up off their backs... to make it perverted its gonna end like that. XD How did you like the movie?
JulianEsparza Report | 07/17/2008 11:41 pm
DUN DUN DUN! MATTHEW (AND NATHAN) IS MY GAIA BACKGROUND!!!!! XD Bahaha sorry just felt like saying something random
Eskimikan Pie Report | 07/17/2008 12:48 pm
I sowwwy...^^;;
Eskimikan Pie Report | 07/11/2008 1:46 pm
o.o??? why??

I am thou warrior!