Aye; itz Raychel On Dhat Undeniable status ; Im about 15 years old I be on da realist , tired of playin games cuz thts fo childish children, im still a kid and i'm proud . Won't claim tht grown woman status until I'm 21 or taykin care uv maself ya feel I lyke tee run track rap nd make ma musick . Ma rappin be clean but it ain't poetry even doe I be on dem poet lines too, I like ta read to I mean yuh can't be stupidd ! I'm tryin ta work sumwhere maybe subway or da zoo cuz immean yuh cnt be lazy at home all day I'm on dat freshman status proud of it tew good grades all crediits there.< 42nd..UDG..ah-yee>...but on sum real ; abt me, I'm not calm I'm loud and active ; I'm not bad i just get into trouble idk y I be at tha wrong places ig.. But I'm not tht hard teew ghet along wit, I keep haters, but idc ; I could be a better person ; wrkin on it straight up.. I'm not ghetto but ppl dew say Ima ghetto snob ta me im just [Raychel Ray~Ah-Yee)

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To Say Watz Up....

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