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Nia Phoenix Report | 02/20/2013 7:30 pm
Nia Phoenix
Hi! I belong to a great Multi-Genre RP Guild, besides our flagship Star Wars RP, we have a new Clones Wars saga, we've launched a Post apocalypse and a Bleach RP we have a Lord of the Rings RP and A Medieval RP still in the works - we are small and looking to grow - why not check us out - we're always looking for new players and new ideas!
Ashura Lunarcross Report | 05/23/2011 8:35 pm
Ashura Lunarcross
happy belated birthday
Heart Mishima Report | 05/23/2011 12:19 pm
Heart Mishima
~~ Its never a really good bye, because out of one day of the year.

Happy Birthday sweetie.

Someone will always remember you.~~
WTF Agent Report | 05/23/2011 5:51 am
WTF Agent
Happy B-Day!
Pi3c3 Report | 05/05/2011 12:17 pm
....Why did you do it, Keylala? ....
Rei Seshiro Report | 03/01/2011 5:18 pm
Rei Seshiro
about to go to work. got roped into an extra, short shift
Rei Seshiro Report | 03/01/2011 5:14 pm
Rei Seshiro
hola little one ^^
Pi3c3 Report | 02/17/2011 5:48 pm
*nervous laughter* Oh, that will happen, heheh.
Pi3c3 Report | 02/16/2011 7:37 pm
Can't say I have been better. *smiles* Look at you! Growing up one me...
TwiDawnLight Report | 02/16/2011 6:21 pm
Truly? =D
That sounds great! It's fun playing twins, believe me. XD
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