"I lift my glass to the Awful Truth
which you can't reveal to the Ears of Youth
except to say it isn't worth a dime
And the whole damn place goes crazy twice
and it's once for the devil and once for Christ"

If anyone is interested, I have a lvl 70 Troll Mage ( Ikutakiya ) on World of Warcraft. Server Alexstraza add me ^_~

Zomg why is the mon mon never online anymore?!
That be bacause of the new sweetness job she scored! Night shift supervisor of the Lethbridge Herald! ;0 that's right b!tches! momo has underlings now! ^_^

We'll You've put through the effort of a click to hunt me down so I guess I'll reward you with a tad bit of info.
This be the latest pic of the momo, enjoy biggrin
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That's me....With alot of makeup O_o

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Mon Mon Ish 20, My birthday of course is in january....
I live in the a really small city...... REALLY...really small....( Feel bad for me damn it! ><" )

Right now I'm enjoying a tad bit of slack time between jobs and college and omfg.... soooo nice...

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I have a cat..... Her name Is daisy....It looks like she ate a small planet... But I forgive her cause she's cute :nod3:

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I have a few IRL friends that are helping me twart gaia day by day... Ballto,Matt,Ashton,Tika and rich....

Now then, My boyfriend rocks more than just socks in fact I challange people to show me anyone that's hotter....Cause it's just not possible....

Ishitalu Ndoki~Sama~ heart My Ashton MINE!!! GET AWAY!!! :twitch:

Currently dating for = WTF?! ENGAGED?! oh yes it be true O_o
together for about 3 years now ^^

ninja I have a gaia twin!!!!! er kinda.....


I draw...and I mean an I DRAW so much that I need to stock pile sketch books... Now I didn't say i'm any good... Hopefully you can do that for me ^__~

I'm so into the japanese culture it's scary..... =_=
Honto, so desu.....

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I don't really care if I sound like everyone else because I know I'm not and if you think you can judge me and that'll make you feel better well You know where you can go....

Sakatchewan!!!!!!!!! Bwaharharharhar!!!

I'm getting quite the collection of mangas.... My favorite so far would have to be..... Samurai Deeper Kyo.... I like the gravi manga too though....and demon diary....and lament of the lamb.....and a yori a yoshi.....and devil may cry 3.....and...hellsing....and...well you get the point don't you? *hits head with a branch just in case* Now?

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My favorite anime's are Hellsing, Samurai deeper kyo (SDK)
Wiess, Aeon flux, Gravitation, Slayers, Paradise Kiss, Vison of escaflowne, Tenshi no narumon, Azumanga Daio (Thanks to ndoki...But shhhhttt ninja Don't tell him)
Spirited away.... (cute) and well there's lot others....

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Mon Likes swords.....A lot... Was collecting Katana's Intill I gave three to my brother as a house warming gift.... Now I'm down to two... crying

I dig gundams...Ndoki and I Build them ^^ (I know I'm a geek)

Anyway My real name Is Monika.. and my middle name is Leigh...And that's all you get to know XD

The bands I listen to the most are: AFI (And ******** off I'm not emo or any s**t like that, I like the lyrics! Which is what bands should damn well be about! Not the way they look so you can copy them....Oh and you know what...even as i may like their music I don't know a damn thing about the band or even their names!!!! And I don't care cause I like the music not them!!!)

I like Mindless self indulgence (But the band scares me....so I pretent I don't know anything about them... *Shudder* Good tunes though)
I like older music too..... Like really old chili peppers and i think i like the deers too...My sister is to blame for that one...
blues brothers XD Oh yeah!!!!

My favorite books are....
The eyes of the dragon, the Harry Potter books are cool stuff, mem. of a geisha XD really good...
The divine comedy
and angels and demons and I'll get to reading the da vinci code when Shae gives up her clutch on it DX

That's about All i care to put for now... So this profile is still under construction untill I can get some pics up here.... ( Or learn how to damn well spell DX *just fixed the mistakes* )

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And now for something compleatly different..

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I am currently roleplaying in these threads if you want to join me ^.~

Resident Evil 5

Samurai and Shinobi of the Forgotten Mist


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magical majora's Journal

uh...i dunno...X.x



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thank you for your purchase :3
Nick Winchester

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Nick Winchester

Goodbye Mon Mon, see you never...
Anbu Sasuke95

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Anbu Sasuke95

Can I please give you 34k for your headband? The angelic one.
The Tainted Blac Rose

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The Tainted Blac Rose

Thank you for your purchase of my giftbox :]

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It seems you're a fan of SDK biggrin I started to buy it with a few volumes, but I would rather like it if Del Rey released all the volumes, since they go two at a time, not to mention I don't really like TP and I'm already buying others... But it's a pretty cool series so far.
ST. Arc

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ST. Arc

uwah! you changed your name >.>
Nick Winchester

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Nick Winchester

Mayu ver

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Mayu ver

Mon-chan how is you?
~ilKhan~ Octave

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~ilKhan~ Octave

Dun dun dunnn!

Yes, yes i am silly. I'm in Nevada now. Go back home to washington in about 10 days. It's been fun. Going now to go sail the Rum sea with capn' morgan!

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