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So to start things off, my name's Paige. I totally Live.Laugh.And.Love: My family and friends. My friends have been there for me through everything. And I know that sometimes I might have gotten on their nerves (*cough Izzy cough*) talking about a certain someone whose name begins with a T.W.I.Z.Z. (total insider), but they never left my side for a moment. Even when my hopes were down and I was hurt beyond continuation, they always supported me and my decisions. They were ready to fight for me in a heartbeat and I am so grateful to be able to call them my best friends. Thank you: Izzy, Doreen, Taylor, and Aster for sticking with me til the end (you guys complete me and my inner soul). I would be so lost without you guys, I LOVE YOU! =] -beams and angelic light comes down from the clouds- xD

"I'll be the shelter in your rain. Help you to find your smile again. I'll make you laugh at a broken heart, whereever you are. Cause I'm never gonna walk away, if the walls come down someday. All alone and you feel afraid. I'll be there when you call my name. You can always depend on me, I believe, until forever ends. I will be your friend." -Amy Grant, I Will Be Your Friend

A Special R.I.P. to Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. You have touched the hearts of many and will be greatly missed by all. May you both prosper in heaven.

"We are all born to die. But what really matters is what we accomplish during our short time on this earth, the precious memories we leave behind, and the way we impacted those around us. Life is too short to spend it any other way but in love, happiness, and prosperity." -Me

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Thanks to: The Holy Spirit, My bestie (whose name I won't reveal), and everyone who bought from my store. You guys made my dream of getting the Gogh Reed possible. -end of dramatic speech- xD

Hacked!!! ;D

Lawl. This iss Izzy heere [iRawrerz/iSmexytaco].


Paige is like the bestest friend you could evah have and shes my homie fo lyfe , you best believe it.


Yeah anyways shes Honest, Super nice [too nice] and lyke super smaart. Shes mai little nerd. ;D

No Offence. ;D I still lovee yaa!!


Now hold up, i saw that paige updated her hack on my profile so i must update mine too!!

Paige ur my #1 friend and that will never change. You mean so much to me and that will also never change. Im still laughing at all the fun adventures we've had and having the whole concept of Twizzalahh, Peanutbutter, Skittles, Popcorn? lol i cant even remember... anyways dont worry, we'll have a whole other list this coming freshman year. We'll knock em dead (:

We listen to music together, we shop together, we talk on the phone like twenty four seven lol. We "help" each other on tests and we go to movies. Dude! we do everything (: I wish you could be my sister and i can just kick christine out. haha jk, well not really but that would be mean to christine no matter how much i want to lol! U have amazing sleepovers and i always get the bed [hint hint LOL jk]. But seriously paige we will always be friends and if we dont... its probably my fault for loving you so much. ILY PAIGY and best friends foreveerr. (:

-sigh- another year, another great adventure.

Our freshman year was totally awesome
We did and experienced sooo much this year [woah buddy not like that] and I had a blast because i got to spend it with my BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WORLD. [oh yeah.]

We went through a whole new set of guys.. well, you only had one.. I had like what, 4? 5? haha. Whatever, they were all douchebags and none of them are good enough to be with us. This summer were gonna parrtaay!

Haha, anyways; our sophomore year is gonna rock because we need to change the fact that sophomore year is typically boring. Don't worry, we totally will.

LOVE YOU. like always.

From Facebook:
Paige Haskins (: I'd put your middle name up there but I think I'd spell it wrong haha. I love you with all my heart. You are my best friend, my companion, my half-sister, the paigehy to my izzahy. You mean so much to me. We've had so many good memories together and we've been best friends since 2nd grade- which is a reeeeal long time haha. From sleepovers to insiders we can still laugh at them all. Thanks for making my life great by being in it (:

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Dream Avatar! (Aquired) ;3

-x- Blue Moon Hope -x-
Bachigai Seishin

Besties for life



Doreen, Taylor, and Izzy

Me and my best friends.

I <3 Hello Kitty and My WebCam! ;3