Just some words that kevin wanted to say about the people that mean a lot to him.

I love you so much.You mean the world to me.I will always love you.I always think of you and smile.You always know how to make me smile and I thank you for that. I remember when we meet we connected so much.We chased people around and laughed about the things we said.Im going to miss those good times.

I love you like no other.You loved me like with all ur heart.I love you dearly and that will never fade.I will always think if you.No matter what your in my heart. You made me smile.You made life good.You loved me to death.You amazing.

You're like a sis to me.You were always by my side when I need you the most.You make me smile when I didnt it.I think of you everyday.Always knwo the I love you sis and that you will always be in my heart. I remember waking up in the summer getting all excited because I got to talk to you.I remember whenI meet you.You and me talked about the randomest things and laughed at people when they talked about stupid things.Im going to miss that.

You my lil sis and I love you to pieces.You been there for me til the end.You make fun of me but I always seem to laugh about it.You make me smile when I may not want to but I have to around you.Its like the law. *smiles*
I love you always and forever.

You always did the most randomest thing s that made me laugh and I thank you so much for all the laughs we had together.I remember when you had a boy problem and I held you and cried with you.I will always remember that.You will always be in my heart.I love you.

We fight but we always seem to make up and be the closest friends.You like a sis to me and that will never change.You were always the first to figure out what was going on with me and I love that about you.You always worr about me and that makes me happy knowing that you care.I love you so much and you have a big part f my heart.

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R.i.p Kevin

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Occupation: Computer Technical Engineer Student

He always loved it when you guys talked to him.

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What Im all about

My name is Kevin.I have a fiance so dont even bother.Im a very hyper guy.I lived in Italy and now I live in gay America.I hate America. Well ,I'm 6'1 and Im still grown.I workout alot and I like to protect ladies.I have a big brother named Kyonnu.He's my best friend and my hero.Im italian.I play hockey,soccer,baseball, and basicly anything you can think of.I writing poetry in my spare time because my grandfather told me that life is better with a little love and a little poetry.I miss you so much grandpa.You will always be in my heart.I will always write poetry in your honor.I love you so much.

I have a son and hes my world.I make poems about him.I dont remember life without him.I would never change the fact I have him.I love you my kids and I always will.My fiance just had 2 more.Their both gurls.They love to smile.I love with with all my heart.Well, thats all I have to say so PM me

He loved it when everyone talk to me.

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IIninja bear ksII Report | 05/07/2012 11:08 am
R.I.P kevin i didnt know u well ...... but u were still my friend.Take care on the other side man and say hello to jesus for me.
misscaitling Report | 07/30/2011 1:32 am
Dear Kevin,
Things have fallen apart in the last few years. I don't know what to do. A song actually came on earlier today that reminded me of you. I couldn't help but sing along and be inspired to write to you. I spent quite some time wondering how things would be different if you were still here. I know that we weren't very close or anything, but I love you. I love you for everything and for being there even though you physically aren't. I think it's very nice to have someone that I can just talk to and not have to worry about being judged too seriously or losing someone. (No offense, but it's kind of hard to lose you again...) Anyways, it's late and I should get going. I hope that you continue to watch over and take care of the girls. Thank you for everything, Kev. You truly are an inspiration.
Love -The Emotion- Report | 02/22/2011 4:57 pm
Kevin, im really sorry for what happened i have just saw you on a good friend of mine on her profile. i know that your in heaven but i wanted to post this to make sure you have a new comment on your profile. R.I.P. Kevin.
HeartbrokenLoveless Report | 11/17/2010 4:52 pm
Wow. Its been a while since I commented on here. Im doing pretty good now. Im not perfect but no one is. Stuffs weird between me and Nichole. Shouldnt have thought otherwise. But yeah. I miss yu. A lot. Dont know when Im gonna write yu again but I hope soon. Just wanbted to give yu an update. I love yu! heart
HeartbrokenLoveless Report | 07/16/2010 8:59 pm
So much is different now. I miss you soo much. Me and Nichole are over. And Im pretty sure it permanant this time. I hate it because I love her so much. I dont know how to get through this without you. I dont know how to miss her AND you at the same time. I never really got over you. I never really talked about how I felt when you left. God Kevin please help me. Give me a sign. Please. Anything. I need help here. Well Ima go. But I love ou so much Kevin. Sometimes I wish you WERE the only person I was in love with. I miss you</3
Love you favorite sister,
Shyanne Renee(:
P.S. You still have a sexy a**
Nick Lella Report | 05/04/2010 3:03 pm
I'm sorry I missed your birthday even though it was a month ago.I'm sorry.Kevin I'm changing I becoming depressed again like when you left.I'm trying to act like nothing was ever wrong with me like I'm okay.But Kevin I'm not okay.I'm scared.I'm hurting and I miss you.Kevin when things get hard I look to the sky and try to talk to you but I never get an answer.I just need to hear your reply just one time.I miss how everything was fine and how I had you there.Yes Kevin I know you want me to move on without you but its still hard.It still seems like the end of the world.Kevin why must it be this way.I love you Kevin so much.Shy and me broke up awhile ago but she is still here for me and I am still here for her but we both want and need you back.Shy and me may not be a couple but we are close and we love each other with all our heart.We love each other because of you.Because of you Shy and me began to love each other.You showed us that there is someone here for us and will always be here for us even if that someone may not be you.You will always be looking down upon us and we understand everything you did even thou at the time we didn't.Shy and me figured out why you left us and why all this happened.Kevin I love you so much and thank you for all you did.But you didn't have to leave us to show us what we needed to be shown.You could have done it in a better way because we really do miss you.

Love you with all my heart,
Nichole aka Your favorite ( Its okay I know you love me more then Shy.. =D )
mara love queen Report | 04/09/2010 4:33 pm
Wow.... Seems like yesterday we were laughing. Its been for too long and yet I sat here for 10 minuets having so clue what to write. Except maybe that I miss you. That now I smile when we have a windy day because it reminds me of you, hectice and fun. You remember My friends boyfriend? You know him as silver. Well his best friend and I are together.Been a month and some odd days. He kinda reminds me of you, fun and always able to make things seem OK. But as I look at my updates saying your birthday is soon it makes me sad. Know that I love and miss you.


Love your sis,
HeartbrokenLoveless Report | 02/24/2010 11:52 am
God Kevin, everything's messed up. Was this supposed to happen? Were we supposed to break up forever? Is this just temporary? Does she really love her? Does she still love me? Will we get back together? Is she willing to wait? Is she willing to make it work? Does she know how I feel? Does she care? I wish you were still here. I need someone to tell me it'll be okay. Even if it wont. *smiles slightly* I love you Kevin. You're always in my heart. You'll always be my only protector. My only wolf. My true brother. I love you. Forever.
HeartbrokenLoveless Report | 01/07/2010 6:40 pm
God Kevin how did everything get so F'ed up? I wish I could go back in time and start over. To before I got with Peter. I know you were with Mara but I loved you. If I could go back and change it so I told you earlier and we dated before that, things would be different. But I want to have my memory. I dont want it erased. Things are so weird without. I started high school without you. I dealt with Nichole without you(I honestly dont know how you dealt with her. I love her to death but shes a pain in the @ss) But I would deal with her bull 24/7 if it meant her being mine. God I wish I could tell you everything, have a talk with toy like me and Nichole just had. That would be good. I need to vent to someone who ISNT in the problem. I miss you Kevin. I wish you were still here. *blows a kiss to you* I love you. You will always have a place in my heart. I will never forget you. But you dont have my heart anymore. She does. And now she's gonna fall for her. Kevin, help me figure out what to do. Help me understand. I need help. A sign. Preferably soon. I love you Kevin. I hope you're having a good time in heaven. I hope one day, it'll be me you and Nichole. I would be happy again. I love you. Goodnight<33(:
HeartbrokenLoveless Report | 12/24/2009 2:50 pm
Merry Christmas Kevin! Omg I love this holiday! I love you Kevin! You were always there. I wish you still were. <33(:
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Im all confused!

10-24-08 R.I.P Kevin!
Passed Away at 11:24 a.m