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My Characters

Preferences for RP
Post length: Para to Multi Para
Settings: Any that allow for fantasy elements
Limits: No scat, no limb loss, no permanent death


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D'ni Candra
Occupation: none
Age: 3 (was created fully grown with full knowledge of speech and motor skills, appears between 17-19)
Race: Sedim Demon
Setting: Any
Bio: Created for the sole purpose of pleasing her master, D'ni was born of pain, brimstone, and fire. She was made perfect and angelic almost as a way of her master mocking the celestial creatures. She was his pride and joy. However, he desired her to be evil like him. Only a few months into her training he found something despicable in her.... love. He cast her into the pits of hell to have the emotion tortured from her. It worked. She grew bitter and through her suffering eventually found her way to freedom, escaping to the mortal world in search of solace. Of course her former master wouldn't be too happy about her escape... after all he is the ruler of hell.

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Dex Shinsei

Occupation: assassin/bounty hunter
Age: 20
Race: Gagan
Setting: usually scifi, but can be used in any setting
Bio: She became an assassin at the age of 14, being forced into it by an evil demigod. But even though now she's out from under his "wing" she has found it hard to give up the life. She has a technique, using her womanly charms to lure her targets into a false sense of security.

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Keturah Dedan
Occupation: priestess/princess
Race: Mau
Age: 19
Setting: any, preferably ancient fantasy settings
Bio: She is a Mau heiress and the High Priestess of her people but is the youngest daughter of the queen. Seeing as both her older sisters are out of the picture it's up to her to carry on the line. However, there are some political issues with some of their most dangerous neighbors, the Keb. Her mother has decided to marry her off to the Keb king in a last stitch attempt to resolve conflicts before all out war.

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Naomi Wilder ("Number Twelve" wink

Occupation: Artisan of Pleasure
Age: unknown but probably between 17-19
Race: human
Setting: usually modern but can be adjusted
Bio: Naomi was raised by a corporation known as ICE (Institute of Cultural Enhancement) a company that specializes in finding girls with promise and training them to be able to perform in a domestic setting. In other words, these girls are trained to be in home call girls, slaves if you will. Fed hormones through out development to develop early and to also develop certain areas of the body to a larger scale, these girls are famous for their beauty and rarity. But Naomi is a bit different, her mentor had fallen in love with her and began to teach her something else, the art of survival and combat so that she could one day free herself. ICE found out about his betrayal and had him killed. Now she must face the interviews to follow as buyers inspect her for sale.


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Keturah's Journal

This is where I collect my thoughts. However, a lot of it will be random. So, beware. *smiles*


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Great profile! this is awsome
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Holy crap! You're still alive!?!! And whats up anyways long time no see.. ^^


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