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I have returned to Gaia.


I think people fail to see that I am NOT skitzophrenic.. I'm an author, and all the voices in my head are not people, they are characters. They do not take me over at any time, though I can act like them from time to time. But that is still totaly me.

Sometimes I have to get into character not only mentaly, but physcialy as well. If I can stand like them, think like them, and act like them, then I know that I know them very well. Yet they still tend to surprise me with what comes from my finger tips and onto the screen.

Several characters have reached the place of 'Real'. They are: Nathan Keel, a Bionanotechnological Engineer; Winifred Linnel, a telepath and psycholgist; and... I swear to god there was one more... but I can't think of them.

Anyway... More later. Maybe profiles of all my characters.

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