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Hi, my name's Keon. There isn't really much to know about me. I guess if you really want to know, you can always ask.

Character Bio:
Name- Keon Feldgradz
Height- 5' 6"
Weight- 127 lbs
Eyes- Storm cloud Grey and Blue
Hair- Brown/Blonde
Race- Werewolf/Vampire
Talents- Combat skills and medicinal knowledge of nature
Strengths- Heightened senses, speed, physical strength, and sixth sense
Weaknesses- Trust issues, fear of heights, possible PTSD

Keon was born to a royal family, a head family of a wolf Clan. His father was a warrior, and a wolf, while his mother was a great Vampire witch. His parents used him as a way to settle the war between the species, though not everyone agreed. Keon had a sister, but one day, when they were young, she was tortured to death before him by his own clan members. Consumed by the Blood Rage, he had his first turning, and slaughtered all that tortured his sister. After, he held his dying sister and promised her that he would leave the clan and make as peaceful a living as he could. Unfortunately, he ended up working as a mercenary for some time, before falling in to a militia compromised of other wolves. During a battle near the end of the conflict, he accidentally killed his closest friend and shield brother. Again he held a dying loved one and was consumed by the rage. He fled, and now works as a blacksmith. But sometimes his past calls back, and he answers, working the trade of an assassin.


As born once, we are born many.
The Moon herself looks to us, planning.

Luna sees as only she can.
And finds her children who need a gentle push of hand.

But her children are not who you think.
Few among us let this truth speak.

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Hello and welcome! I sell just about anything as long as I do not need, want, or have a use for it, so you may very well see rare items pop up now and again. And thank you to all who make purchases, sorry I do not do the whole commenting "Thank you" on profiles, not my way. Hope you all enjoy your items!

Also, make note that, for people serious about collecting event items, and would like to buy for a bit cheaper, I will usually sell event items within a few weeks or months after said events. If you would like to discuss prices for particular items that I have, I am very willing to hear and consider.


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As the Blood Moon rises, I think back in history to the feeling I've lost with the Moon of Hunting. But with that loss comes a gain, one of a more ancient feeling. A feeling of Compassion, Caring, Kindness, and Love. And as I compare the two, I choose that which I have now. For this brings to me Life.

As my Moon rises, your Sun surely sets.