Name: Kenshin, My real name is too common so you guys will figure it out
Age: It's on my profile next to date of brith but I fell younger then that.
I'm mixed with any race you could think of well not ANY race (that's what my mom and grandma told me) expect asian but they are cool too.
I'm a Capricorn and we know there the coolest.
I'm straight

I think I'm like the most weirdest most Different person in my whole family cause I don't eat candy.

I love Martial arts it's one of my Favorite hobbies to do next to expermenting with Technology. I know a bunch of styles that I taught myself never going to no real classes but I think I'm doing well. ^^ I'm mainly a quiet person in real life then on here cause I tend to think alot or other stuff.

Okay here's the Section about the likes and dislikes (If I have any)

Martial arts
All my gaian friends
All of final fantasy
my family
Some music
Tea/chai tea
Kool-aid xd
Playing chess (no it doesn't mean I'm a nerd)
Martial arts movies
and that's it...I think

People who I think there better then everyone
Spiders (I'll smash one if I have to)

There's really nothing I dislike, I'm like reallly a nice person to get along with well.

My games I have on playstation Kingdom hearts, Kingdom hearts 2, Metal gear soild 1,2, and 3. Final fantasy VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2 and soon XII (I hope) Dragon quest VIII, Tomb raider legend plus all the others, Tekken 5, Naruto, That's all I can think of.

I was going to make this my quest spot but I really don't have a quest, these are just some people that helped me awhile back.

The price guide

Donations: Broken doll face: 115g First Donater
SiniterSeduct: 50g
PBandoreos: 140g
PuckyDream: 100g
Sheba Water: 10g
LilAngelfox: 200g
MiwakoChan: 1000 eek

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Just a avi I would never get.

People who said my avi is cool: 25

Choklait_Flavored_MiniBlu took my random pm Virginity LOL. xd


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Just a journal.

Just stuff I write about when I get the chance.



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Try this!!! Send this to 10 other people and press f5 and you will get 100,000 gold
StarLight Lust

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StarLight Lust


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always remembering you User Image

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I Miss you Kenshin <3

you will always be in my thoughts and prayers

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Nice profile!

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Like a son I never had

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I'll miss u Kenshin, RIP! I know we didn't talk alot, but u were still a friend. heart
Let the Beat Go On

Report | 12/15/2006 5:28 pm

Let the Beat Go On

Almost forgot..
I killed a bunch of spiders for ya .. even though I hate 'em too.
Let the Beat Go On

Report | 12/15/2006 5:27 pm

Let the Beat Go On

I loved you so much..
we had so many good conversations.
I'll always remember you.
These tears are for you babe.

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wishes to ur family man and still to u man evan know ur dead


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