I am not gonna tell you about me. If I did we would have to be good friends, have exchanged photos with one another, and maybe like my other friends. But for the sake of my other friends who do know something about me I'll tell you.

My name is not important. But you can call me Kenshin, Haou, or Manabu. I came to Gaia when I was 15, which was 3 years ago. All thanks to a good female friend of mine who loves anime as much as I do. She will remain nameless for safety reasons.

For those who wish to duel me through the internet, I have a hotmail account by the name of Kyubiv13@hotmail.com and I use towns. I have yet to know how to use msn though.

Favorite Interests: Yugioh Trading Card Game, which is a great game to play. You should try it.
Anime and manga, duh.
Cleverly made cartoons from the west.
Stuff that makes me feel free and young, despite being 18.
Writing. I am also a fanfiction writer. My talents are in romance, descriptive action scenes, and lemon scenes. I'm known for being notorious for making them.
CrazyxLadiee. She's a very interesting girl to me, and the very first friend I made on Gaia. She is also the first girl I've met who I've never hesitated to given a picture of her to. As cliche as it sounds I'm crazy for this lady.

Favorite Anime/Manga:
One Piece
D. Gray Man
Yugioh Duel Monsters
Yugioh 5D's
to Love Ru
Groove Adventure Rave, or Rave Master

My choice of weapon: Katanas are sharp and light tools of battle which excell in speed. A hard enough sword like this can cut through anything excellently. Most people would think that a sword like this would never match up against other large weapons, but as a wonderful artist once said, a sword's weight comes from the feelings of its owner. Evidence of this is in One Piece and Rave Master volume 29.


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The Lady Fool

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The Lady Fool

> >;; I quit?
The Lady Fool

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The Lady Fool

Nope. =/
The Lady Fool

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The Lady Fool

Im fine. Lawls.
The Lady Fool

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The Lady Fool


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Hey. Im doing good. I have a new account actually....
Didn't your friend tell you? >>;; I thought she did... Well anyways.
My new account is The Lady Fool. Contact me there. ;D

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hmm...a manga called fairy tail? no i dont think ive heard of it. sorry sad well i like naruto, ouran host club, blackcat, ranma 1/2, kampfer, digimon, zatch bell, afterschool nightmare, eerie queerie, axis powers hetalia, i my me strawberry eggs, pokemon, sailormoon, dbz, love hina, negima....thats all i can think of atm,but i thought i had this stuff listed on my profile....oh plus i love kingdom hearts.... User Image
sorry about earlier i was in a rush and a bit of a bad mood... redface

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um duh....of course i like things besides yugioh... User Image

i like anime, drawing, videogames......bdsm....XD

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Hey, im from YDoG, wanna be friends?

Report | 10/20/2009 9:25 am


If you make an awsome Avi, tell me and I'll draw it free of charge!!!!

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MISS YOU! Damn your internet downtime...
I doubt you're missing me though :'(


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