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Hello and welcome to my store! I hope you enjoy browsing through the small selection on show! Feel free to ask me if I have anything for sale that is not on the shelves at the moment. Just make sure when you PM me you have the title set to "Got Any Back Stock?" and I will not mistake you for any random stranger.

Thank you for buying from my store. I hope you enjoy your item!


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You can call me Kenocka (kin - ahk - ah) or Ken because let's face it that's just easier to say and spell out.

You Lied
I loved you, I did. I thought you did too. But you lied. You lied to me, about everything. You broke my heart. And here I lie, staring up at the ceiling, wishing you were here, and not knowing why. Maybe so I can show you what you did. I'd rip your heart out to show you how it felt. You said you loved me. You lied. You lied...

You call it narcissm, I call it infatuated by oneself. What's life without a bit of euphemism?

Don't get carried away with your imagination or madness will befall you.

The Lord of Pestilence
I would rather kick a lich in the head than go up against a Drow. Because there's never just one Drow. There's an entire pack of them waiting in the shadows while you try not to cry as the one who isn't hiding laughs at you.

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Auronsalos Report | 06/18/2012 6:07 am
LOOK AT MY AVIE NOW, MOFO. emotion_awesome
Auronsalos Report | 06/17/2012 3:00 am
I... am... A CYBORG!!! >:V
Kat the Strange Report | 04/17/2012 1:56 pm
Kat the Strange
Alright, thanks :3 <3
Kat the Strange Report | 04/17/2012 1:21 pm
Kat the Strange
Eh? I don't think I am. I often make stupid mistakes :/
Besides, everyone's definition of it is different, so it's best to stick with semi-literate.
Kat the Strange Report | 03/19/2012 1:01 am
Kat the Strange
I'm sure.
//pat pat
Perhaps it's your pain that makes you think this way?
Kat the Strange Report | 03/19/2012 12:28 am
Kat the Strange
Because it has Twilight in its name.
Kat the Strange Report | 03/18/2012 11:05 pm
Kat the Strange
That's so creepy D:
Balentay Report | 03/15/2012 8:19 pm

You'll probably need to PM me the link, lol. I'm horrid when it comes to remembering things.
Balentay Report | 03/15/2012 7:59 pm
I'm all turned around and confused for some reason.
My grandmother showed me the newspaper, with Thursday clear on it, and I STILL argued with her vehemently about it.
That would be lovely, thank you <3
Balentay Report | 03/15/2012 7:29 pm
Did I miss movie night?

Perhaps it is impossible to wear an identity without becoming what you pretend to be.