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Daedric Angelus Report | 09/15/2013 3:45 pm
Daedric Angelus
lol im constantly changing my avi XD
Daedric Angelus Report | 09/15/2013 3:27 pm
Daedric Angelus
Awh, sorry to hear that lol
'twas an epic rainbow x3
Daedric Angelus Report | 09/14/2013 6:05 pm
Daedric Angelus
lol I liked the rainbow damn it. Screw what other people say xD
Daedric Angelus Report | 09/14/2013 8:56 am
Daedric Angelus
...well thats good I
Daedric Angelus Report | 09/13/2013 4:24 am
Daedric Angelus
Eh, not too shabby. Hbu? :3
Daedric Angelus Report | 09/12/2013 7:10 pm
Daedric Angelus
O: Hola :3
Aller Mourir Report | 09/10/2013 4:18 pm
Aller Mourir
did too neutral
smashbrolink Report | 09/07/2013 8:50 pm
To be fair, the majority of the things you said can apply to absolutely every console during their launch, not to mention every single fan base behind them.
The reason Nintendo fanboys are being so vocal right now is because they're getting the most unjustified ridicule despite a lot of the criticisms being levied against their favorite console having a hefty dose of hypocrisy to them.
For example: "Nintendo only does the same games again and again"
Third parties do the same, or create IP's with new names but little else beyond a new coat of graphical paint. Same mechanics we've seen in their respective genres for ages, with little to no innovation.
Then the criticism would come up, to counter that, that only blind fanboys buy Nintendo games at this point due to the similarities making them nothing but carbon copies.
Again, they fail to look at all of their "new IP's" in any sort of critical light, lest they discover that the same is true there, as well as in other long-running series from third parties, which support their systems better than they do Nintendo systems a lot of the time.

I guess what I'm getting at is, a lot of people who hate on Nintendo[not pointing you out specifically, this is just a general statement], don't take the time to fairly examine just how fanboyish their own accusations are.
It goes both ways, with Nintendo fans doing a lot of the same thing, but right now it's the Nintendo fans on the thin end of the whipping stick due to all the clamor over graphics and specs from Sony and Microsoft.
I'm of the opinion that hating a console enough to not invest in its games, when it isn't doing something like what Microsoft was doing prior to their changes, is just a shameful form of fanboyism in and of itself.
Good games deserve credit where its due regardless of the system they are on.

Also, you're free to dislike it as much as you want, but I do feel you're being too hasty in counting the system out this early into the game.

As for the 2DS, I feel that it's a good move for the people that wanted a cheaper, non-3D alternative to the 3DS that could still play the 3DS's games and access the E-shop and the upcoming Miiverse integration.
It also helps that its releasing right alongside Pokemon X and Y.
From a business perspective, it absolutely makes sense.
But I don't think that releasing it sooner than now would have been a good idea.
Without the 3DS out first to compare and contrast to, the 2DS would just feel like a slightly more powerful DS with some new games, and people would have been questioning what's different enough about it to invest in it at that point.
It's only going to sell well at its current release time because the 3DS is there as a measuring stick for people to look back and say, "Oh, it's a 3DS but without the bothersome 3D, and for cheaper!"
Aller Mourir Report | 09/03/2013 10:02 pm
Aller Mourir
.....he used to.....
PhoenixFlames Report | 09/01/2013 10:08 am
Cool beans! Here's my page: Phoenix Flames If you have one up yet, link it and we can sub for sub smile