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About Me:
Asian [1oo% Viet], 5'3", [11.o6.89] 19, Scorpio, Buddhist. SINGLE

I’m a Freshman at SJSU studying to be a Software Engineer. I’m a Licensed Driver, I currently drive a White 2005 Honda Civic EX Special Edition, and I love her so much. I admire Tribal Dragons, I collect Dragon Art. I am a one of a kind type of person. I like living on the AMBIGUOUS side of life. My personality is pretty FLIRTATIOUS, LOVING, FRIENDLY, and GENEROUS. I’m not perfect, I do have my flaws like being CLUELESS, OBLIVIOUS, CONFUSED, FORGETFUL, and quite OBNOXIOUS, but I’ve come to terms that they do compliment the rest of my lifestyle. I live my life with a simple demeanor, I like being ANDROGYNOUS, just because I can be. I tend to be CLEVER, and ELOQUENT, although I do STUTTER when I speak. I’m kind of DYSLEXIC when I read, or do math, and I’m slightly COLOR DEFICIENT, meaning I can’t see colors as well as other people can. I’m a true KID AT HEART, which others perceive as DORKY, and I’m always LAUGHING. I’m OPTIMISTIC, and HUMEROUS. I like being the sunshine in your life, as long as you let me be.

“I’m a Lover not a Fighter, but a Friend before a Lover.”

I’m a CREATIVE person, I love Art, and MUSIC IS MY PASSION. I love to sing, and harmonize in the car with the radio blaring. I’m a LOGICAL type of person, I suck at math, but I’m a Math Tutor, someday I think I’ll be a math teacher. I’m TRUSTWORTHY, HONEST, and LOYAL, I’ll never betray my friends. People MISINTERPRET my actions, because I tend to DRIFT, and WANDER OFF, for people think I’m up to no good, when it’s actually me getting distracted easily, I get CURIOUS about the things around me, and forever changing is the world around us. I’m a NONCONFORMIST, I like doing things my own way, being ABOVE THE FLOW. I’m REBELLIOUS to the norm; I’m an INDIVIDUALIST, and simply UNORTHODOX. I heard I’m a TEASE, a MAD DANCER, GENUINE, INTELLIGENT, and Extremely UNDERSTANDING. When you first meet me, I might be SHY, a NERD, “SHELTERED”, RESPECTFUL, POLITE, RANDOM, ENERGETIC, and PLAYFUL. I love to COOK, if you love to eat, then we’ll be good friends. I’m “STRAIGHT-EDGE” I don’t do drugs, or drink but I won’t object you doing so. If you feel down I’ll be your CUDDLE-BUDDY, your GUARDIAN ANGEL, a SOOTHING person for you to condole with. I’m hard of hearing a bit, talking on the phone with me is a tedious task, so text me, but I’m VISUALLY INCLINED. I’m a Voyeur. I’m TRILINGUAL, I know how to speak in of course, English, Em nôí tíêng Viêt, et je parle en Français. I’m on a constant “NATURAL-HIGH”, I’m kind of a PRANKSTER, but I really mean well. I am an INDEPENDENT person, and I’m extremely PATIENT, and somewhat LONELY. I’m very FAMILY ORIENTED, when I’m financially stable, I wish to adopt kids; I want to be that MILF you think about at night. I’m easy to please, as long as you’re mutually inclusive in your friendships with me. I love to swim, be organized, and be spastic. I’m Liberal, totally open-minded and never jealous. I’m punctual when you need me to be somewhere. I’m kind of Predictable when I’m bored. I’ve got a warm body temperature all the time, in case you’re cold, you can hold onto my hands. I love eating Sushi, and drinking Diet Pepsi, buy me either, and I’ll love you forever. I love Hazelnut in my Chocolate. I believe in Philanthropy, and Frugality. I’m extremely loving, I love unconditionally, Love always grows, so you can never run out of it.


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Disobedience Report | 03/03/2009 12:47 pm
Addage @ your About Me:

Yeah, that About Me sums you up pretty well. I can only say that via internet but still, Ken seems like a really good person. -nodnod.-

Need more people like you.
Disobedience Report | 03/03/2009 12:42 pm
-snuggle,cling.- Dealing with a lot of stuff. Kelly, my three kids mother, dumped her children off at my place to go do drugs and party for a week. My aunt called child services finally to get custody.

It's been very stressful. I don't want Kelly to get custody back because she mistreats her children, however, my aunt doesn't want to keep them from her. -sigh.- All I can do for them is listen and try to be a voice for them. It sucks.

How've you been?
milkybew Report | 02/18/2009 6:04 am
Thx ^_^!!
MiniMeow Report | 02/17/2009 1:14 pm
not much lol but we are in the middle of the ocean and the mountains tahoe User Image dont forget to vote for me in the arena this week if you can <3
MiniMeow Report | 02/12/2009 10:39 pm
I live near sac state in the fav 40s block I'm sure your cousin would know where it is...what a small world huh User Image
MiniMeow Report | 02/12/2009 10:38 pm
that's where I lived in sunnyvale I am trying to remember the name of the street I think it was murphy ave and it was near the mall User Image
MiniMeow Report | 02/11/2009 11:15 pm
are you and the guy below me from san jose ? I lived there for about 2 yrs now I am up in sacramento
MiniMeow Report | 02/11/2009 11:14 pm
well hi stranger User Image ty it cost a bit but was worth it I think... how have you been ?
BoY MaC Report | 02/05/2009 1:38 pm
san jose state rocks! from there studying graphic design!
Disobedience Report | 02/02/2009 12:16 pm
We're like...the King and Queen of the sexy gold, or something. <3

x3; I was being silly and random. XD You know me.

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