Hello. I guess I should start with my name. I haven't had an about me on gaia since about three or four years ago. My name is Veronica Elaine Justice, awesome right? Well you can't have it.
I'm going to be a SENIOR. SENIORS WOOT SENIORS! Woot. I'm excited. I finally get to be the top. The alpha. Awesome, in other words. But I've always been awesome, despite what I always say.
I have just turned this:

2X + 10 = 44

I'm a math nerd. Figure it out and you'll find out how old I am!

I play the flute, piccolo, I have learned snare drums, some piano, and I am learning violin. I can draw, paint, act, dance, sing, and I love public speaking.

My favorite colour ever would have to be green. It's very earthy and natural.

Oo..also I speak french. Je parle francais. Et toi? Je parle francais bien et une petite Japanese.

I have a few nicknames, none of which I find suiting.

Macaroni was created by my friend, Sam. She told me, this was back when I was thin as a twig, that I was like macaroni. Slender yet curvy. She was just jealous. Haha. I called her cheese. She was always cracking cheesy jokes. Haha...good times good times. Hey Sam! "MCDONALD:S HAMBURGERS WE GOT DA MUNCHIEEEEES!".

At my church they all call me v-rock. Becuase my name starts with a V, and I rock.

Ashley Merrit calls me v-cuh. I have no idea why.

And also, lately every boy that I go to school with calls me "Ron". My favoritest boy Johnathan said "You look beautiful Ron!" at prom. Haha fun times. I loaf him.

I almost have the most amazing friends ever and I'm not giving them away so you can't have them. They have left me alone, like crappy cardboard that even a Hobo doesn't want. And then they say it's my fault. Great pals right? Yeah well I'm the one who wants to keep them so it's my problem.

I pretty much owe everything to Danielle. She introduced me to Gaia six years ago. Then I told some friends about it, and they got Gaias. Then Maryna introduced me to the Pirate RP, where I met Josh, Ki, John, and I talked alot to Amber. I have such great friends, and I've only met three of them. Haha.

Gosh...I'm giving you my life's story...Sorry! *animesweat drop*

I plan on beinga famous actress someday. Any questions? I thought so...Oh I almost forgot!

I'm a huge nerd! Nerds rule. I'm also a genius. Why? Because I know everything .... just not all at the same time.

Haha. I know almost everything there is to know about star wars. Even the length of Yoda's lightsaber (that's what she said!).

I love playing Halo. I mean who wouldn't? You get to run around and mutilate your friends. ^-^ Lately I've been playing Halo Reach with some pals of mine, and I kick a**. There's a fake level that we play called Super Mario Bros. Holey Crap it's hard. There's a water stage! Hahaha and it sucks more than original mario but I made it past the level mutilating all of the others on my way.

I love anime (Rozen Maiden and Chobit!!! Shugo Chara rocks too!)
and Canada. well i like Antartica better. I am a polar bear, the cold is my favorite thing. So I react well to bitter people. I love the friends I have and I refuse to lose them. I have three right now...Caleesha, Maryna, and Christie.
So my quote is, "Kick a** your whole life, brag about it, and live. Truly live. Then you'll be happy. Be free, and love who you can, hate who you want to, and tell them these things every time you see them. You never know when Aliens might kill us all. Either Aliens or Barack Obama is gonna be the end of the world. So uhhmm...in other words. ... Don't talk to strangers, kiddies!" - That's my quote. So don't steal it.

And that's that. PM me if you have any questions, doods! I don't talk to n00bs, in case you were wondering. So don't try it.

Oh and I also have a secret identity as a man, on a different Gaia account! Hah! But you'll never find me!!! *blows up smoke and sneaks off into the distance wearing a Dracula cape*

Dream Avi

My Music (Favorite: Isaac Shepard and Yiruma click on them and listen, okay?)

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Join my RP. You know you want to. We will give you cookies.

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Best buddies... I wouldn't be able to live without them.

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WHAT IS LOVE?! *pauses then breaks out into crazy dancing* WHAT IS LOVE?! BABY DON'T HURT ME DON'T HURT ME NO MORE!!!