Goals for Life;

.Go to Japan
.Find Love
.Be succesful
.Go skydiving
.Learn ten languages
.Get over stage fright
.Learn the lyrics to every Nami Tamaki song
.Travel to 20 countries



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"My One Regret In Life Is That I'm Not Somebody Else."

O Hai There!

I'm: Crazy, Shy, Friendly, Emotional, Thoughful, Timid, Worthless. And probably much more.

Likes: Japan, anime, manga, writing, photography, singing, drawing, Adam Lambert, Harajuku

Dislikes:Blood, gore, people, metal faces, rejection

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Endless grief and sorrow.
Hearts slumbering again,
Stars frozen in their place:
Darkness envelopes the land.

But in the spilling of blood,
a hope still glimmers dim.
in a reflection in the water.
in a whisper in the wind.

Gather your courage.
It will break the bonds of night.
take wing, and dance upon the sky.
take wing, and dance upon the sky.


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