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    Hi I'm Kelvin

    that's right I am Kelvin
    named by my parents as Kelvin
    so I am Kelvin
    and I am the Kelvin of this person named jeremy heart
    and shes my fiance :3
    and I'm happily taken heart

    about kelvin
    I'm just a simple kid living an extraordinary life
    yes i was an extraterrestrial pirate
    and i want to conquer the world!
    and seriously even though I'm out of this world
    i really like music cool
    *even aliens have eardrums.. i think*
    I'm 2x yrs in the making
    I am living somewhere in Philippines
    I'm very sensitive as a person so beware confused
    sleeping is one of my habits
    and I'm proudly to say that"
    *I'm always sleeping in my class.. always*
    I read lots of MANGA!
    I was in Gaia for about 3 yrs
    I hate scammers, hackers, beggars, but i don't hate noobs
    'cos all of us came from that .. i think
    I knew how to draw but I'm lazy to make an avi art lol
    If you want something from me just comment it
    I don't like PM's know what?
    I don't even know why i hate PM's
    just comment it OK?

    and that's all for now folks >.<
    iiLoveyou beb soo very much! heart
    PS:iiReallyLoveHer <333
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