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My name is Kelsey, i'm eighteen and a proud Pagan. Please don't try to convert me. I respect all paths of religion, I expect for you to respect mine. Married and soon-to-be mother. 4laugh
I lead a great life with the one that I love, and both of us are overly excited about the little bundle of joy that is to be arriving within the next few months.
Personality wise, Im a very laid back relaxed person. lol Normally never have nothing planned, just kinda take life one day at a time. I suppose you can call me unorganized if you wish.
Im a very respectful person and wish to be treated with the same respect. However, I do realize this is the internet and not everybody has manners for others, therefore I have learned to ignore those individuals. *Troll creeps around corner*
Um other than that if you would like to know anything more please feel free to message me.

This is me.
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