the girl with the 'stache

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ºthe name's→ kelcie

ºi'm→ twenty-two [november 8, 1986]

ºi am→ unique, fun, nice, kind, caring, friendly, shy, out going, easy to get along with, never judges others, accepting, open minded, goofy, weird, silly, a dork, a nerd, adventurous at times, loud yet quiet, calm, not easily angered or annoyed, forgives and forgets, a good listener, getting less self-conscious and more self-confident, random, a kid at heart, a doodler, straight edge, bananaman [shh!]

ºi→ want to be a web designer, want a pet dinosaur, sleep in a spongebob bed tent, sleep with a wall-e blanket, sleep with my stuffed bunny [sassy], prefer waffles over pancakes and english muffins over cereal/bagels, have doodle books, sometimes wear knee high socks under my jeans, have a huge soft spot for cute things

ºi love→ my boyfriend [ian ♥], horror movies, video games, photography, cupcakes, grape juice, raspberry lemonade, jamba juice [orange-a-peel], blueberry poptarts, chinese food, my pink ds lite, my black zune, converse, polos, knee high socks, doodling, crayons, music [i listen to a wide variety], red starbursts, red grapes, cookies with m&m's, monkeys, dolphins, dinosaurs, robots, the colors [purple, pink, lime green, black, cyan], the shapes [hearts & stars]

ºI hate→ great white sharks, goblin sharks, the thought being stuck in a shark cage, scorpions, tomatoes, salsa [i hate even touching the bottle], ignorance, stupidity

ºfavorite bands→ the birthday massacre, linkin park, meg & dia, utada hikaru, olivia [lufkin], perfume, boa [kwon]

ºfavorite shows→ wow! wow! wubbzy, the marvelous misadventures of flapjack, chowder, spondebob squarepants, foster's home for imaginary friends, invader zim, jurassic fight club, bones

arts→ [X]

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